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January 12, 2021

How Unhappy Customers Could Spell Doom for Your Business

As a business owner or CEO, the happiness of your customers is your top priority. Believing in your product or service is one thing, but the customer experience is what trumps all else at the end of the day. To ensure that your business stays competitive, unhappy customers should be dealt with swiftly. 

Whether you provide a refund or a free service alternative, your actions should change the view of the customer about the business. Their words or reviews could be damning for your business and spell the end of your dream. Here are some reasons why a couple of unhappy customers could sink your ship.

The curse of the chargeback

Although the chargeback was intended as a consumer protection strategy, there are fraudsters out there who would use it as a means to get free merchandise. Granted, when a chargeback is valid, you should write a letter of apology to the customer, expressing your regret. 

On the other hand, when a chargeback is bogus, you should use a dispute management system to stop the chargeback. By using Accertify’s dispute management software, you could gather tracking and delivery information as well as other compelling evidence that could strengthen your case. When their platform is integrated with your store, every detail of a purchase is documented and weighed against a chargeback claim.  

Not listening to unhappy clients

It often happens that the complaints or feedback from customers are not taken seriously. As a business owner, it would be unwise to ignore your clients’ concerns. Whether you agree with the client or not is irrelevant. They are the ones who are keeping your ship afloat. 

It does not matter how trivial their complaint might be. They want to know that you are giving attention to their queries. If a query is left unresolved, the customer could write seriously bad reviews of your business and they would have the right to do so. Their experience is what matters, no matter how small an issue it is.

Word of mouth hurts a business

When customers have a bad experience, they tend to tell people about it. Back in the day, the news did not spread so fast because it relied on people talking face to face. That whole dynamic has changed due to online reviews. 

People are much quicker to write a bad review and post it on social media than ever before. It is as though people now have a right to complain. Whether they are justified in their post or not is not up to you. What is important is that you pick up on these reviews before they can cause damage to the business. 

A bad rep is hard to shed

Retail or service delivery is a tough market and once you have a bad reputation, it is very difficult to change the course of your business. The thing about a complaint is that it is a general issue. Although a client had a bad experience, their comment could potentially be very general, making it hard for you to pinpoint where things went wrong. 

Bad things happen in threes

When a customer has had a bad experience, it is hard to turn their anger away. It sends them into an irrational state of mind and whatever protocols you have in place becomes inadequate. First, the product or service is subpar, then they get put on hold when trying to phone about the issue. 

After failing to resolve it on the phone, they go back to the store, only to be greeted by the newbie at customer service. Their whole experience, no matter how exaggerated it might be, turns into a review from hell.  


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