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January 12, 2021

What Are the Latest Beauty Tech Trends in 2021?

The beauty brands are using everything to keep their customers engaged in a competitive market. Could the beauty industry release personalized tech-related products that can change the way we use makeup? Do such innovations actually work, or are they just designed for marketing purposes?

While beauty brands are no longer fighting to be number one in the world, but the number one beauty tech companies, it is clear that things in this industry are changing. Women have the same concerns over and over again – they want more personalized and accurate beauty products. So, beauty brands have to respond. What will be the leading beauty tech trends in 2021?

Artificial Intelligence for beauty and cosmetics

There’s no doubt; more than half of the women’s population complain that they can’t find the right shade of foundation or lipstick. Women are crying about how they always spend a lot of money on beauty products, but they don’t find the right shade and texture for their skin tone. With thousands of shades available in the stores, it would be almost impossible to choose the right one. So, beauty brands came up with a beauty tech product, which is a foundation machine that promises to find the exact shade for your skin type. It is basically a digital scanner that big brands, such as Lancôme and L’Oréal, are already using.

Virtual “try on” apps

As you probably do your shopping on beauty brands, you notice that it has become a lot harder to find the right colors for your skin type. For this reason, customers can now enhance their shopping experiences and use a virtual tech tool that will help them make the most accurate decisions regarding beauty products. Take Sephora as an example: they allow their customers to virtually try hundreds of foundation and lipstick shades through their smartphones. It’s an app that virtually measures your eyes and lips, allowing you to experiment new looks. It can also allow you to change your hair color or texture by adding clip in extensions for more volume. People around the world primarily use these apps to experience new looks and styles.

Would you trust a device to rate your skin?

The “Mirror, mirror on the wall, am I the most beautiful women in the world?” have become a “smart mirror”. It’s a skin advisor app that analyzes your aging areas on your face, prioritizing how your skin should look best. It then sends you adapted tips and products recommendations to use in the future. The app basically wipes years off of your face, telling you what changes need to be done.

Will you ever use a gadget that put-on makeup for you?

Have you ever seen a robot putting makeup on someone’s face? Well, neither do we. At least, for now. However, there are thousands of gadgets around the world released in the past years that can scan your skin and apply foundation, in tiny amounts. It looks like a tiny camera that analyzes your skin texture. Just imagine! One of the latest beauty tech trends doesn’t involve using real cosmetics tools to apply your makeup on.

Beauty tech trends definitely play an important role in the digital beauty industry, as this can allow you to become a lot playful with your style and makeup.

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