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January 11, 2021

Etsy: Find out More About the Platform & If It Matches Your Business

What craftsperson hasn’t dreamed of turning one’s favorite hobby into a profitable business? But problems await at every turn: where to look for customers, how to ensure constant sales, how to advertise products, and so on.

Surely, many have heard about the American online store Etsy (News - Alert), which helps craftsmen from all over the world to find buyers for handmade goods. And on the Internet, there are inspiring success stories about business people who have managed to earn millions from online sales. Let’s try to figure out how things really are and how to use the opportunities that Etsy SEO provides to small businesses.

Etsy: What Is It?

The site appeared in 2005. It was created by Rob Kalin (News - Alert), an American carpenter, when he got the idea to bring together craftspeople from different cities and countries to help them find clients. The main buyers on Etsy are Americans, Europeans, and Canadians. The audience is active and solvent. To roughly estimate the scale of the trading platform, just look at the statistics for 2019:

  • Etsy sells 60 million items.
  • 2.1 million salespeople work here, with 90% of stores being a one-man business.
  • 1.3 billion actions are performed on the site per day (clicks, favorites, purchases, etc.).
  • The number of active buyers on Etsy is growing by an average of 18% every year. In 2019, the audience of the resource was about 40 million active users.
  • Over 100 million people visit Etsy every month.

The success of the resource is due to the peculiarity of the goods that are sold on it. Each lot on Etsy is a unique thing that has its own history, and the work of the master is visible — not a stamped, but a handmade product. Many buyers are attracted by this originality and uniqueness of the goods. That is why people give preference to Etsy when they are looking for something unique.

A craftsperson needs to come up with something original and unusual to sell their products successfully. Such a product may not be found immediately. Someone interests buyers from the first attempt, while someone has to sort out, try, and experiment. There are no ideal formulas for success. However, before registering as a seller on Etsy, you should carefully study the trends and understand what is in the highest demand and if your business matches the platform specifics.

What Is Profitable to Sell on Etsy

One of the most popular questions is: what to sell on Etsy to make money? Here is a list of the most requested products:

  • custom-made dresses;
  • knitwear;
  • various accessories — wallets, bags, hats and hats, scarves, etc.;
  • goods for a wedding: from dresses to invitation designs;
  • jewelry: earrings, rings, bracelets;
  • homemade furniture;
  • household goods: watches, vases, candles and candlesticks, photo frames, bed linen, and other goods.

Final Say

The main thing, of course, is to sell what you like to do yourself because the success of any business is largely determined by personal interest, and when this business is connected with creativity and handmade, you are on the right path!

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