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January 04, 2021

William Hill Supports UK Gambling Law Review

The UK gamblers will soon see a few changes to the gambling laws in their country. It is still unknown as to how the new changes will bring a change to the current iGaming scenario.  

Reviewing Gaming Laws?

A recent release by the UK Government has given something to think about and drool for the players in the UK as well as the gambling companies. The British Government has given its nod to review the gambling laws a few days back. This was a long time pending and the government has taken a decision on it now. Many experts believe that it would bring a whirlwind of change into the industry. You can expect to see a different industry once the laws come into effect. The brick and mortar casino and the online casino are not going to be the same again in the UK. 

This review was long expected and it would be on a trial run for 16 weeks.  It is expected to strengthen the authority of the UK Gambling Commission. The UKGC will have more powers and hence better control of the industry than before. Apart from this, online betting and restrictions in marketing are all understudies.  

William Hill Welcomes the Move

William Hill, a leading UK based gambling and Sportsbook Company has welcomed the decision taken by the Government to bring changes to the playing laws. They are pioneers in the business and has been offering betting on sports and other related events, bookmaking services, and operating online poker sites and casinos and gaming products for many years now.

The company said that they love to keep the casino very safe and secure and to offer quality standards for their customers. They are always on the lookout for raising the standards of gambling and welcome this decision of the British government whole-heartedly.

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What Does William Hill Intend to Do?

William Hill has all this while advocating that players who are under 18 years of age must not be allowed to gamble, even if they are playing on the internet. These young minds are at risk and can get corrupted easily with the huge money involved in this industry. They can go from millions of pounds to a pauper state within a matter of a few minutes or hours. The mental tension, agony, and ecstasy are all high-risk effects of this wonderful world of online gaming. 

The company does not want vulnerable people to be soft targets and do not prefer younger minds to be exposed to betting advertisements on TV. They believe in offering quality, secure playing standards for the bettors, and make it a fun and entertaining place. William Hill is all set to work with the Government to bring out all necessary changes to the iGaming industry. They want to provide a clear and open field for their customers and to make it a viable environment for the operators, customers, and the people working in this industry. They are looking forward to the gambling laws review to be offering the much-needed protection for the vulnerable and soft target punters. They would like to offer a congenial and safe playing environment for the bettors who like to place an occasional wager. 

Points That Are Given Special Attention 

The changes are inevitable, but they need to be for the betterment of the business and not to put it in deeper problems. This is why there is a big window given by the Government to study the feasibility of the changes and what can be done for the betterment of the gamblers and the operators. Some of the points that would be of serious concern include: 

  • Lower the online betting, rewards and prizes, and spin speeds.
  • Ban on sports sponsorships by the gambling companies.
  • Increase in the minimum age to play national Lottery from 16 to 18. 
  • Limit the scope for the black market casinos and to drive people to licensed operators.
  • Giving protection for the susceptible gamblers and to offer an exciting gaming experience for the occasional punter. 
  • Legal compensation for the punters who have suffered at the hands of black marketers.  
  • Levy to be charged for taking care of gambling addiction treatment. 

The gaming regulators must ensure that the players do stick around and lay at the licensed sites and physical casinos and do not fall prey to lucrative offers from black market companies. The emphasis on safe and secure gaming and that too in a congenial and favorable environment is a must. 

BGC in Favour of Tighter Laws 

Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) of Britain, the lobby group of the gambling industry, has been voicing its concerns for stricter and stronger regulations. They want to give a safe and secure gaming feeling for the customers visiting the casino. There is going to be a lot of emphasis given to advertising and marketing in the new laws. The Government is mulling at putting curbs on sports sponsorships. If the laws come into effect, then you might not see a football player sporting a club jersey with a gaming company advertisement on it. 

A Peep into Promotional Offers 

These days many attractive and overwhelming bonuses and promotions are available through many online casinos. The government is looking to put a lid on such irresistible offers through the new gaming laws. The VIP schemes, special bonuses, and free bets or free games culture is going to be thought about in-depth. These kinds of offers might not be a thing shortly in the UK. 

Final Thoughts 

The Government needs to think deeply and review every aspect based on the evidence before rewriting the gambling laws. They should give due consideration to protect the helpless bettors and those who are looking to have some fun and excitement from gambling. It is very important to create a congenial gaming atmosphere for the players so that they can place bets without any worries and hesitations.

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