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December 28, 2020

It's Not Your Hardware's Fault! DymaxIO Software Is Best Way To Return 40% Lost Throughput

When it comes to business, fast data and throughput are important! Businesses can implement fast data software to optimize Windows speed, performance, and reliability – without disruptions and no need to rip-and-replacehardwareinfrastructure. Even the most expensive systems will begin to suffer performance degradation and slower data transfer rates because the root cause of performance troubles has not been fully resolved. Your performance (physical, virtual, cloud)is being robbed due to I/O inefficiencies in the Windows operating system. To overcome storage performance problems, businesses onlyneed to install DymaxIO fast data software to maximize throughput and I/O performance by 30-40%.

DymaxIO eliminates the two big I/O inefficiencies in Windows environments that generate a minimum of 30-40% of noisy I/O traffic causing performance and reliability problems. By installing DymaxIO organizations can expect an immediate performance boost in MS-SQL workloads, Oracle (News - Alert), ERP, VDI, EHR (MEDITECH), Business Intelligence (BI) apps, CRM, Exchange, SharePoint, file servers, backup, and more!

What is DymaxIO?

DymaxIO is a software-only solution that eliminates the 2 severe I/O inefficiencies that cause performance and reliability problems. It fixes these issues at the source of the problem. Just install it and watch your performance problems disappear. Before spending a ton of your budget on expensive new hardware that most businessescannot afford right now, do yourself a favor and just try DymaxIO. It’s very easy and does not even require a reboot.

Important reasons to use DymaxIO now:

  • Very fast application performance:

Applications running on SQL can run twice as fast! Freezes and hangs can disappear. No tuning is necessary – simply install and it starts working right away

  • 30-40% more throughput:

By optimizing and streamlining I/O, you get back 30-40% of your throughput that is being robbed due to the I/O inefficiencies in the Windows OS.

  • Reduced crashes and timeouts:

DymaxIO makes sure that your systems are running smoothly without any hassles. With DymaxIO, you can put an end to troubles. DymaxIO is a boon for IT professionals to increase system reliability and uptime.

  • Save cloud compute costs:

By adding DymaxIO onto a lower cost cloud solution you can improve key performance metrics even better than by purchasing a more expensive cloud solution and reduce cloud cost inefficiencies.

  • Save $$$:

DymaxIO can make your existing Windows systems run faster than new allowing you to save lots of money.

Faster Performance is This Simple:

  • DymaxIO is fast data software that dynamically increases Windows performance.
  • DymaxIO is safe, certified, and used by millions.
  • Download DymaxIO. A free 30-day trial and annual subscriptions are available.
  • Install DymaxIO on your most troublesome Windows systems. No reboot is needed.
  • Watch your Windows performance problems disappear.
  • Never overspend on hardware again!
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