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December 22, 2020

Latest technological trends in mobile gambling

The online casino industry has witnessed a huge growth in its users and popularity. A study by Market Watch suggests that the online gambling industry is expected to be valued at $74 billion by 2025. The casino offers diverse games such as online roulette, Blackjack, poker, slots etc. and allows the players to choose their favourite game. Apart from delivering unique gaming experiences, the sites also offer opportunities for making money with cash prizes and rewards. The casino craze is not just restricted to European countries and Las Vegas but has spread to the East Asian countries as well, with Singapore and Macau emerging as the top gambling hotspots.

The mobile casinos form a major part of the online gambling industry. Owing to its flexibility and accessibility, mobile gaming has made gambling very convenient. The gaming companies are constantly adding improvements or making changes to provide a seamless gaming experience. Major technological advancements are taking the mobile casino industry by storm; some of which have been mentioned below:

Cloud gaming technology

Cloud gaming technology will allow users to access games online without the need to download apps. Even though cloud technology can max out the data limit, they ensure speedy connections and smoother gameplay. The internet has to do all the heavy work, not the phones. With no need to download apps, the players no longer have to worry about storage capacity.

Virtual reality gaming

Virtual reality is already a norm in traditional PC and desktop games. With the headsets, the gamers can engage in an immersive gaming experience. Virtual reality is slowly taking over the mobile casino industry. Till now, only a handful of mobile games provide the option for virtual reality. The VR sets are cheaper for mobile gaming as compared to the traditional ones. With VR as a feature at some of the popular mobile casinos, the player can experience a simulated reality of an actual gambling environment. Some games that have integrated the virtual reality feature into their software are slots, poker, roulette, etc. The purpose of VR is to make gambling as real and authentic as possible.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

Many online casinos have already started accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology. There are several advantages and benefits attached to blockchain technology that will prove to be useful to casino websites.

The cryptocurrency transactions occur in real-time. They are recorded and protected by cryptography in a decentralised network which prevents the risks of frauds and cyber attacks. Cryptocurrency can reduce the issues of breach of security in mobile gaming and ensure a safe and secure gaming experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Major big companies have adopted artificial intelligence to make their sites more efficient and user-friendly. Netflix uses AI to suggest movie and tv recommendations to the users based on their interests. Google (News - Alert) searches are becoming more personalised because of AI. Online casinos too are jumping on the bandwagon. AI chatbots are used to provide instant customer service assistance so that they can accommodate all the queries of the customers and users within a short period, without making them wait. They operate 24*7 which makes it easier for a user to place his inquiry at any point in time. If a user has difficulty in understanding a particular feature of the game or is stuck in the middle of a game, he can rely on the customer support team to resolve the grievances.

Live-play technology

Thanks to the live casino games available on mobile phones, the player no longer needs to visit a traditional casino. He can access all the games within the four walls of the room. The live games provide a stimulating and interactive gambling experience as the players can have conversations with actual dealers and players from different parts of the world.

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