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December 17, 2020

Trading mistakes in Crypto that you can avoid as a rookie

Cryptoindustry has tonnes of potential in it for all those who are looking for an alternate source of income. Every day thousands of profitable transactions take place in this industry and many people are making a fortune out of it. The industry though is very lucrative doesn’t always reward you positively. As there are some rules and standards that should be followed to keep the troubles and losses at a bay.

So, let’s see as a rookie trader what mistakes you can avoid in the Crypto trading:

Leave that FOMO behind

It’s really not necessary for you to participate in every trade. You need to stick to your rules and regulations to avoid landing up in losses. Especially, when the whole world is going gaga over it, there is a very high chance the price will fall abruptly later on. In this case, if you get on the ship at the wrong time it could result in severe losses. So, if you don’t exactly get the dynamics of trade, pass that one on and you will a million other opportunities coming your way.

Understand the basics

In any trade, in any industry, the basic rule is to understand the fundamentals first. If that’s where you lack, you have lost the whole bet. No matter, how much you trade or how much you invest you will be moving towards losses more. It’s the most basic and important step and a key to long-term profits. So, get your basics clear and you will be able to get through any market movement either low or high. For more information visit  

Be your own leader

It’s a brilliant idea to have a role model or someone whom you can rely on for expert advice. However, this does not entitle you to listen to their advice blindly and follow each of their footsteps. Remember, Crypto is an exclusive trade and everyone is in it for their specific reasons. This means no trade is one size fit for all, so you cannot merge your goals with another person who has a different set of objectives altogether. Hence, to be on the safe side have your own set of rules and standards and follow no person blindly. Eventually, the last call should be yours and not anyone else’s.

Keep your emotions under the blanket

Crypto is the most volatile market ever hence you cannot afford to lose your temper and get swayed by your emotions. The market is always going through jumpy ups and downs and you cannot afford to give in to that pressure every time. Don’t fear the losses as much as you greed for the profits. Practice little self-control, patience, and prudence. Always see the bigger picture and you will know that none of it is a big deal. Keep you calm and cool and play with a level-headed approach and you will be good in the long-run.

Don’t rely on your luck

While we can’t disagree with the fact that the Crypto market is a gambling game, but still we can’t also agree to let everything go by your luck. You have to rely on your knowledge, experience, and facts before making any move. There is no chance that you will get through this sail profitably by making decisions based on your whim and intuition. It might benefit you once, but in the long-run what will keep you afloat is your observation, prudence, knowledge, and thinking.

Lack of diversification in your portfolio

Diversification is a very essential element in the Crypto industry. While Bitcoin may be the king today, but it does not mean all other players are a failure. You need to give equal weightage to all and make a well-calculated and planned decision before investing your money. The big shot investors and financial experts will always advise you against putting all your bets in one coin. If you diversify your portfolio and invest between different coins you will not end up losing all your money. From one or the other side, you will always stay in profits and that’s when you will be thankful for your choice to diversify.

Don’t get too overconfident

You are never too good or perfect for a trade like Crypto. As in an industry like this, you are always learning and hence you should not let your confidence get to your head. It’s easy to get manipulated into believing that you are all set for big bets as the initial few days reward you positively. However, you should always act cautious and never let success play with your mind.

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