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December 07, 2020

Guide for Large Organizations to Plan Local SEO Strategy

When it comes to the local SEO for large enterprises, you need to use various basic and advanced local SEO practices to help your organization achieve the business goals.

The local SEO is a practice that many large enterprises usually forget to do. With the increased mobile devices, local SEO has become an important aspect than ever before.

In other words, we can also say that a local SEO strategy may fail when you have not prepared a well-structured plan. Many people think if they go through one, two, and three practices, they will definitely be going to improve their local presence. While some think that if they perform traditional SEO, their local customers will get them.

But this conception is completely wrong. You have to work beyond this. You can choose to work with a local SEO agency that can help you gain the maximum local traffic and improve your sales.

Always keep in mind that if you want to succeed in local SEO, you need to define what success is and how you can work on a plan to attain that goal. The large enterprises are at a high risk of these misconceptions and therefore, fall behind the local competitors.

Now, let’s talk about some of the obstacles that most of the large organizations face when they plan a local SEO strategy.

Obstacles that Large Organizations Go Through When Using Local SEO

1.Ignoring a defined strategy

You need to know that if you never have a defined strategy, then earning buy-in from others may become challenging for you.

2.Not adaptive and flexible like others 

Don’t know if you have ever noticed, but it is true that large organizations are commonly not much adaptive and flexible as small organizations. It means, if you are doing some work without putting your brain in it, then you are more likely to not get the desired outcome.

Suppose, you have changed your phone number, but forgot to update it in the business listings, it will result in the reduction of local traffic. Also, outdated and unclaimed listings result in a 50% fall out of the local traffic.

3.Lack of defined roles

Yes, it is true. When you have so many people in your organization working on marketing campaigns, it leads to a lack of responsibility. The main reason that affects the job is a review management.

Have you decided who is going to be responsible for responding? Who will handle customer service? Who will manage the store and all? If your answer is No, it simply means it will be going to affect your business. So, make responsibilities clear when planning a local SEO strategy.


Volume is another mistake that many large organizations do because many of them take it as a small component of local SEO and usually do not take it seriously.

Now, you get to know that if you have a well-defined plan, then no obstacle can stop you from gaining local SEO goals. But, at the same time, it helps in producing a successful local SEO strategy.

If you are new to this concept, the best idea is to hire a local SEO agency having in-depth knowledge of how to plan local SEO strategies and have proven results.

Some Effective Local SEO Practices for Large Organizations

1.On-page local SEO

The best practice is to include city and state in the title tag of all pages of your store. You must make sure that all pages of the store are indexed by Google (News - Alert) and also give clickable information, such as phone number, email address, etc. In addition to this, implanting local schema markup also helps a lot in this regard.

2.Google My Business

Make sure that you have our business submitted in a Google My Business listing. Also, don’t forget to add the name, address, and phone no. of your store. If you have more than one store in a city or state, update every store with this information. Also, uploading a storefront image of a store is a great idea to enable customers to find you easily. When listing your business, it would be good to choose 2 or 3 relevant categories of your business.

3.Local link building

Some large organizations ignore local link building due to the fear of having a limited impact. But, make sure to not become one among these organizations. You have to work on local links also as a part of the local SEO strategy.

4.Citation Management

Creating a Google My Business profile should be your first priority. But, at the same time, it is also recommended to use automated citation tools, but don’t make it a ‘set and forget’ plan.


Many people ignore customer feedback, which is not acceptable at all if you are working on local SEO goals. You must remain active and respond to customer reviews on a regular basis. You must also work on a review acquisition plan to get more customers’ reviews.

Final Words

Are you in doubt about how to perform local SEO? Just focus on tasks that ensure to give value to the customers and also help you solve problems of the customers.

Alternatively, you can take the help of a local SEO agency that knows how to proceed with effective local SEO strategies and improve the local traffic.

Author’s Bio

Jigna Shah is the marketing coordinator at leading Adaptify . She loves to write on trending topics related to digital marketing that help businesses to get ahead in this competitive marketplace.

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