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November 30, 2020

Top 10 best iPhone Keylogger

People are often found going over the internet searching for approaches to keylogger for iPhone (News - Alert) (News - Alert) without jailbreak so they may spy on someone without their knowledge. These people can be strict parents, worried spouses, and employers who want to check if their relative person is indulging in suspicious activities or not. If they are looking to monitor someone’s phone through keyloggers without their knowledge, this article will help them.

With the help of a keylogger, the user would be able to record all the keystrokes of the target, which would help him to gain each confidential information. With keylogger's assistance, users can find a minute to vast details like passwords, etc. In this article, users will get to know the top 10 best keyloggers without jailbreak necessity.

Part 1: Minspy

Minspy has been covered by trusted news sources such as Forbes and Digital Trends too. This keylogger is a phone tracker app that is used by over a million customers all over the globe.

Minspy is built to provide an ideal solution for target phones running iOS. We will now go through the simple steps needed to set up Minspy so it can begin gathering data for you.

1.1. How Minspy works as a detective on an iPhone

As this keylogger first needs a set-up, we will outline the simple steps on how to set this keylogger up in iOS.

Step 1: Create an account for free using your personal email ID. This step would make developers contact you through your email ID.

Step 2: Select the device type and choose a subscription package. Now, you will need to select the device type needed to track.  Select iOS and proceed to choose a subscription package.

Step 3: Provide the iCloud username and password of the target device and verify it. After the verification, wait for a few minutes to allow the iCloud account sync with your account. You only need to do these steps as Minspy does not need installation on the target iPhone.

1.2. Revolutionary features that Minspy offer

Along with being a keylogger, Minspy offers many other features that insist on this application to be a top-trend in the market. In this part, we will acknowledge its features briefly.

Real-Time Location

This keylogger applies the target phone’s GPS to watch its position and display it on an e-map in real-time. One can even use Minspy to track the target’s traveling through this keylogging app. Users will be immediately informed about the traveling of the target.

With the help of this feature, Users can view most- visited places and the area’s neighborhood through the dashboard. Users can even track the target’s slight movements through this keylogging app. This feature is quite helpful for someone who wants to check the activities of the target.

Social Media Tracking

Minspy allows users to track the social media activity of the target through its usage of various social media platforms. Facebook (News - Alert) (News - Alert), Twitter (News - Alert), Snapchat, and Instagram are included in the apps that are monitored.

 It records all the media uploaded on these apps, along with the messages sent to different friends and other users through them. Even if the user deletes messages on any app, this keylogger app still enables him to view it on the dashboard.


Users can track the location of the target iPhone using this spying software. The keylogger app uses the GPS of the target phone to send out the live location and provide it to the user. This keylogger enables the user to set the alarm or alerts for monitoring real-time and past device movements.

This feature will help users know if the target has visited or left any pre-designated area. In case of any movement around that specific area, the user will be notified.

Call Logs

This app gives the user access to view the target iPhone’s call log. Users can view sent and received calls, duration of the call, time-stamps. Users can also see frequently called contacts and their duration.

The user also has access to the entire call logs of each sim that is present in the target phone. Just as users can view deleted information of social apps, deleted calls are also viewable on the dashboard. So in case of any deletion, the user can still check about details about frequently contacted numbers with time=stamps

Text messages reader

While this keylogger enables users to log all the keystrokes on the target device, it also assists them to read iMessages.  With the help of Minspy, users can view incoming and outgoing iMessages. If some password or email details are being shared through messaging, the user will get access to it.

 This keylogger also aids to check media files, contacts info, and time-date entries. Users can also retrieve and read deleted conversations via auto-archive. So in case of removal, the user will still get to spy.

1.3. What makes Minspy an Exclusive keylogger for iPhone?

Minspy is an undoubtedly cutting-edge keylogger that can record all the touches on the target phone. It can inform users even about slight activities. This keylogger saves all the passwords, email addresses, confidential information, and much more without any risk.


One of the highlights of this app is its secure environment. One of the advantages of this keylogger is that it doesn’t let any malware or viruses on the phone as it gathers information. In the IOS solution, the user does not need to install the app on the target iPhone, so there is no chance of spying being discovered.

No jailbreaking required

Other keyloggers require the user to jailbreak the iPhone to invalidate your iPhone's warranty. But, this keylogger provides efficient functions to its user without indulging in any intrusive activities. Giving permission for jailbreaking iPhone leaves it vulnerable to attacks and hacking while Minspy's users are safe from this drawback.

Frequent Updates

This keylogger’s programmers have made sure to update each and every part of the setting up process. There is no extra step, and the procedure is quite simple. It provides frequent information dealing with bugs, and it keeps adding new features.

The user instantly gets to know minute details about the target's movement, messages, calls, and media shared through any social app.

Convenient dashboard

Though keylogger lets the user watch all information online but saving that information for the user's convenience is crucial. Minspy has an easy-to-use dashboard that stores data in a way that any user can navigate through it. Everything is neatly categorized and just a click away for the user to see.

No keylogger installation is required.

User does not need to install this keylogger in the target's iPhone, which makes spying on the target way easier and safer. As long as the target does not see this app on his phone, he can never judge if he is being spied on or not.

This key point makes spying undetectable. The target can never get to know about spying as every observation is done through the dashboard, and the procedure is completely remote.

2. Spyic

Spyic is a popular keylogging application that assists in iOS and has over half a million active users. This application assists its user with various helpful features.

This keystroke tracker helps the user to spy on targets minor to huge details such as spying on conversation and saving confidential documents for its users. Users can spy on call logs and read text messages as well with the assistance of Spyic.

3. Spyier

Although it isn’t as wide-spread as some other similar apps, Spyier is a very operative and useful app. It is reportedly the choice of customers in more than 190 countries worldwide.

Likewise, this keylogger also saves credentials and confidential information on its dashboard. With the support of this application, the user can view sent and received messages, calls with time-stamps. He can also spy on all the social apps, messages, and shared media carried through them.

One drawback of this keylogger is that besides providing excellent features with safety, its features also come with premium rates.

4. Neatspy

Neatspy has a diverse customer base that is spread all over the globe and who vouch for its usefulness. With the support of this application, the user can view every single keystroke that they make on their phone. He would be informed about any login details or passwords if the target typed them.

Users can also track sim location via GPS. This app has a geofencing feature as well. Users can designate particular places, and he will get notified in case of any movement towards or away from that place. This app only works with an internet connection and fails to perform without a steady connection.

5. Spyine

Spyine is a newly launched app that is making its mark in the market. Besides being a keylogger, Spyine is an application that holds this ability to precisely pinpoint the location of the target phone and relay it to you. Forbes has declared it to be excellent in this specific function.

Its keylogger gives the user an opportunity to get access to all data as it travels to the target iPhone. Users can view activity logs accessed remotely over the internet, from a safe distance. Besides the keylogging feature, Spyine can spy on target's social apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook, etc.

6. Spyzie

Spyzie is another yet useful spying application. With the help of this keylogger, the user can see everything typed on the target phone. He can view google and social media searches such as YouTube (News - Alert) (News - Alert) search history.

Spyzie has a cost-effective solution for devices running iOS. Users can also set a geo-fence alert if he wants to track if the target visits a specific place or not. Users can also see how many times a specific place has been visited or a specific number has been contacted.

7. TeenSafe

TeenSafe is a famous app among parents because of its focus on providing them with a way of secretly tracking and monitoring their children. This app empowers parents to check on their children and take action if they are cyber bullied.

TeenSafe is a completely legal app. It provides keylogging, WhatsApp spy, and sim location tracking. One can spy on all minute details of the target with the help of its dashboard.

TeenSafe’s subscription comes at a steep price even for spying on a single device. This can be difficult for some people to manage such costly assistance.

8. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor specializes in spotting words and phrases in the conversations. Its keylogger gives details on the dashboard, and the user surely gets to know in case of any suspicious information. Users can track online activity and movements with FoneMonitor.

It enables users to spy on iMessages and calls. In case of deletion from the target phone, the user can still view the information through its dashboard. This application can track sim location via sim cards and GPS.

9. Cocospy

Lastly, Cocospy is well-liked spying software that comes with a special focus on location tracking. It gives accurate details and focuses on the location of the target's phone. Moreover, its keylogger for iPhone can help you in checking internet searches, history, shared IDs and passwords. In case of deletion of information, the user can still view it through its dashboard.

One can spy on iMessages and call logs along with all the messages carried out through messaging apps.

10. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy has been praised by Digital Trends as one of the best services available on the app store. It combines its data collection abilities with sleek design elements in its presentation. FlexiSpy’s dashboard has been praised because it is easy to operate.

This application, like all other apps, provides keylogging, spying on text messages, and call log without any insecurity. Its keylogger captures and shares all kinds of details with its viewers. If the target would type personal details on it, the user will be notified.


This article has explained Minspy’s features and key advantages with detail aspects along with other top 9 keyloggers. For someone who wants information on spying through keyloggers on his relative, this article would help to learn about the top 10 iPhone keyloggers.

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