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November 30, 2020

Attorney Samir Hadeed Explains How Technology Has Impacted Law and the Way it is Practiced

The introduction of technology into many industries has changed the way these industries operated and has automated many of their processes. Law practice was no exception. When the case law was digitized, this has started a revolution in the law profession and not just changed the way clients accessed legal services, but also improved the quality of these services themselves.

Attorney Samir Hadeed is a practicing criminal law, personal injury, and auto accidents lawyer located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has been practicing criminal defense, personal injury, auto accidents, and traffic tickets since 2008. As an early advocate of the role of technology in the law profession, he acknowledges how the latest advances in technology have made it easier to communicate with clients and cut down costs as well.

Streaming Communications

One of the ways that technology has impacted the way law is practiced was the improved communication between clients and lawyers. Many law firms nowadays allow their partners, lawyers, and even paralegals to telecommute. This frees up a lot of the lawyer’s time and makes them more productive. According to Samir Hadeed lawyer, there are more ways to communicate and interact with the client than just to meet them face to face or talk on the phone. From emails to text messages and video calls, communication has not only improved but has also become less time-consuming. When the lawyer is only one voice call away, both the lawyer and the client can save up the time they spend on the road going to meetings and back.

Discovery in the Digital World

As many lawyers and workers in the legal profession know, discovery is one of the most arduous processes in the legal system. It involves scouring thousands of documents in search of a small piece of information that could be crucial in the building of the case. However, with digitization, many of these documents have become easier to scan and browse, notes Attorney Samir Hadeed. Since most of these documents are stored in a database or available online, it’s easy for the lawyer or paralegal to access them from a computer or even a smartphone. This also translates into saved time for the law firm and saved costs for the client.

Lawyer Samir Hadeed on Case Management

The way Attorney Samir Hadeed sees it, case management is one of the most cumbersome aspects of the lawyer’s life. Luckily, he says, technology comes to the rescue in the form of platforms for digital case management. What these platforms offer are easier ways for the lawyer to manage their time and caseload more effectively. With a click of a button, the lawyer can schedule important calls, browse, and examine documents related to the case, and manage their billing data. All these processes can be accessed and performed on the go. Many of these platforms have collaboration and document sharing at the heart of their design. So, lawyers working on the same case can communicate, share documents, and leave notes to each other without having to set up meetings to discuss the case in person.

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