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November 18, 2020

5 New Tech That Can be Used In Online Casinos

Thanks to modern technology, the industry of gambling managed to thrive through time and even expand its reach into a wider perspective. From players being confined in casinos or smaller gambling places, people can now play anytime and anywhere through an online casino. From needing to go to the actual sports game or an off-venue betting place, you can now also bet on sports online through an app. All these, and more, were made possible through technology.

Through an online casino, people can now enjoy their favorite casino games in their online versions such as an online slot, online roulette, or online poker. One can even take it one step further by playing in a live casino with a live dealer. However, is that the end of the line? Can the online casino system that people know now be still improved by technology? It certainly can be, and here are some of the new tech that would be a good fit to be incorporated in an online casino.

Better AI

Some people argue that artificial intelligence or AI is not yet real, or at least not yet to the point where we can call a computer program “intelligent.” After all, AI is something that is self-learning and self-developing. If anything, most people in the world of technology agree that what the world has right now is not AI but rather a more advanced form of automation.

Either way, this technology, so far, was one of the things that made the online casinos as you know it today possible. Sooner or later, people are bound to experience a much better and advanced form of this algorithm.

Imagine being able to talk to the online casino software and interact with it, and it being able to interact back to you as well. This can be a reality maybe in a few years, or maybe in the distant future--no one can tell exactly.

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality or VR is no longer a new thing in the world of gaming and entertainment. Several years ago, this new tech took the world of gaming by a storm, that even major gaming giants like Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s (News - Alert) Xbox had a battle for the best VR headset in the market. Since then, VR had been a popular thing not only for console or PC gaming but also for mobile phones, too.

Augmented reality or AR also was the subject of a few big games in the past recent years, including the hyped-up “Pokémon GO.” No, imagine playing in a VR casino or turning a plain, boring room into a virtual casino through AR! While that is not yet a reality now, it is certainly no longer a far-fetched concept today.

Remote betting

The concept of an online casino is simple--to have you play your favorite casino games without the need to be in a physical, land-based casino. This is made possible through computer software. This brought a great deal of convenience and comfort to a lot of players as they no longer need to get out and be in a brick-and-mortar establishment to get their gaming fix. However, what if you can still be in a casino without actually, physically, being in one? This is where the idea of remote betting can come in.

Remote betting refers to having players outside the casino establishment to be able to play games and participate in wagering through their virtual presence. Theoretically, it can be through secure video conferencing and betting can be

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