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November 18, 2020

7 Essential Items to Design Your Home Office

The coronavirus pandemic has forced scores of office-going people to work from home. This has led to an unprecedented overhauling of the home office set-up. People now are looking for smart ways to make their home work stations more efficient. And although it sounds like a daunting undertaking – buying and setting up the right devices and furniture is no small task – it can be a fun and rewarding experience if you have the right guidance. Which is why we are here to help you get things started. Following is a list of the top 7 items you absolutely need to set up a fully functional workspace at home. We have carefully curated this list after considering all the pros and cons. Do give it a read. You never know what you might find useful.

Wide-screen Monitor

The first and foremost thing you would need is a wide-screen monitor. Offices generally have desktop computers with large screens for better visibility and eye comfort. But at home, people normally use laptops and regular-sized PCs which are great for short periods of use, but not so ideal for long hours of intense office work. Hence, it might be a good idea to invest in a wide-screen computer if you expect to be working from home more often. Even if there is no pandemic, getting a large monitor would future-proof your home office and enable you to work from home just as efficiently as you would from office. Plus, your eye-sight would be safe and you would feel less stressed.

Ergonomically Designed Chair and Table

Once your PC is all set, you will need a comfortable chair and table. For the chair, we suggest you go for an ergonomically designed adjustable swivel chair. You might want to try the chair before going in for a purchase. Check if your upper and lower backs are well supported. The wheels must be sturdy and the frame rust-free. Armrests are optional. When it comes to the chair, it is best to invest in a good quality product such as the Apollo High Back Chair by Savya Home Store. An ordinary chair could give you a backache and lead to long-term health issues.

The desk needs to be of the right height and width. It can be a standard floor-standing table or a collapsible wall-mounted one. If space is limited, you can even convert a counter top into a work table. Additional features like built-in drawers and shelves are welcome. You can use them to store frequently needed office stationery.

Adjustable Laptop Table

If your job requires you to travel a fair amount, you might also want to buy a strong laptop table with adjustable height. When you are at home, you can work on your wide-screen monitor and when you are on the move, you can carry your laptop table and work comfortably from your hotel bed. A laptop table is a versatile piece of furniture. You can place it anywhere you want and fold it and put it away when not in use. Some laptop tables like the GIZGA Essentials Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table comes with a USB-powered cooling fan to prevent the laptop from overheating. Some have drawers to hold small items. Whatever your need, go for a model that is durable.  

Surge Protection Equipment

You will need a reliable electric surge/spike buster to protect your computer from sudden spikes in voltage. Look for a surge protector with 6-10 sockets so that you can plug in multiple gadgets. If you travel for work, you can get a compact model with lesser sockets. You can also get a surge protector with additional USB ports for charging devices.

Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for any home office. It helps you answer, decline and terminate calls hands-free. If your job involves a ton of typing, a Bluetooth speaker can obviate the need to reach for your phone every time it rings. That way you can concentrate on whatever task you have at hand while handling all your incoming calls with ease. If you have kids and pets running around the house, a water-resistant speaker like the JBL Charge 4 would be a wide choice. For prolonged wire-free use, look for longer battery back-up. And if your house is in a noisy neighborhood, go for a speaker that has a noise and echo cancelling microphone.

All-in-one Printer

The next thing you need to set up your home workplace is a multi-function printer that can also scan and copy documents. If your work entails a fair bit of paperwork, a printer is indispensable. The online market is flooded with printer-scanners of all configurations. From affordable variants with basic functions to expensive ones with advanced functions, you have plenty of options to choose from. Choose a gadget that is space-efficient and meets your specific needs.  


Lastly, you will need a spacious cabinet to keep your office supplies. You can either buy a file cabinet like the Ikea Helmer Drawer Unit, or you can get a desk that has a chest of drawers attached to it like the Deckup Reno Office Table. Having a designated place to store your work things is crucial so that you don’t misplace them. If you handle sensitive documents or items, we recommend you buy a safe. It can be a part of the cabinet or stand-alone. It need not be too large, just big enough to hold your valuables.   

These are some of the things we think are essential for setting up a home office. Pandemic or not, having these items in your house will allow you to work from home without any hassles.

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