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November 17, 2020

Quentin Flannery, CIO of Flannery Family Office, Commitment to Sustainable Energy Evolution

Throughout his career, Quentin Flannery has remained involved in the energy and resources sector. As a Director of various industry leading companies via the Flannery family office, Quentin Flannery remains on the cusp of innovation in this realm. He guides the strategy and trading structure for a myriad of innovative resources and energy companies. Most recently, Quentin Flannery announced a significant investment in Diatreme Resources (ASX: DRX). Regarded as one of the next, great opportunities in the high purity silica sand market, Diatreme Resources, through this investment, has moved one step closer to bringing their Galalar project in North Queensland into production. High purity silica sand is often used in the manufacturing of solar panels. Thus, Diatreme’s success and growth is poised to revolutionize the growing mainstream adaptation of sustainable energy measures.

Ilwella Pty Ltd’s Industry Involvement

In 2015, Quentin Flannery moved from a career in commodities trading to help manage the investment portfolio for Ilwella Pty Ltd, the Flannery family investment vehicle. Prior to this appointment, Flannery amassed extensive leadership and investment strategy experience. Thus, he pivoted seamlessly to overseeing the trading activity and growth strategy for the portfolio with a focus on resources. Based in Queensland, Ilwella is a diversified investment vehicle with a core focus on commodities investing. With the strong global move towards renewable energy and the scarcity of high-purity silica sands in Australia, the investment in Diatreme Resources is a natural next step for the expanding portfolio.

Ilwella’s public infrastructure background renders the portfolio invested in long-term development, innovation, and growth. With a core focus on resources, Flannery’s Ilwella looks to the future to recognize evolution in specific commodities. When particular visions are recognized, strategies are deployed through public and private market investments to fulfill evolving needs in the sector. This approach is critical to up and coming energy sources, including the continuously burgeoning alternative energy realm.

Quentin Flannery is committed to diversifying the portfolio and takes a progressive approach to recognizing innovative opportunities. Recognizing the evolution, technological advancement, and focus on sustainability emerging on a global basis, Flannery is championing the future of the energy sector. Solar power remains an essential ingredient for mainstream adaptation of clean energy. Thus, Diatreme Resources’ innovations can help to maximize outcomes via cost-effective, high-quality ingredients for solar power infrastructure.

Quentin Flannery's Investment Announcement

On October 9th, an official announcement illuminated Ilwella’s investment in Diatreme Resources. Quentin Flannery’s support for Diatreme through Ilwella left the company with a 19.9% shareholder status, after providing $1.65 million of the total $4.7 million needed to progress the Galalar Silica Project towards a Final Investment Decision. Flannery’s camp touted this investment as an important economic development for the region which will underpin a large number of jobs once in operation both directly and indirectly.

Diatreme Resources aims to become a vital supplier for the solar energy space of high purity silica sands. As the solar energy industry continues to grow, and gain mainstream personal and commercial adoption, Diatreme’s high purity sand profile will increase. Quentin Flannery sees high-grade silica sand as an important input in the growth of the solar panel manufacturing industry, and therefore an investment in Diatreme makes a lot of commercial sense for Ilwella.

The Galalar Silica Project

Diatreme Resources’ Galalar Silica Project will advance permitting and approvals, and dedicate all funds raised to moving the project to a final decision to mine. The company’s successful completion of the capital raise provides Diatreme with the working capital and liquidity needed to successfully move the Galalar Silica Project forward.

Diatreme Resources is located near the world’s largest silica sand mine in North Queensland, Cape Flattery. Thus, the intention of the Galalar Silica Project is to develop a similar premium-quality silica for the Asian market.

Initial testing of the Project’s ability to produce meaningful outputs of high-grade silica sand projected a 99.9% success rate. The high-quality rating would allow Diatreme to sell their product for a premium price in the market, as it would meet industry requirements for application in solar energy panels, and glass manufacturing.

In September of 2019, initial reports suggested highly favorable outcomes for investors in the Galalar Silica Project, with an initial return rate of over 150%. At the time of this prediction, initial capital payback was projected to occur 8 months post-investment. However, with interest continuously booming in the sustainable energy realm, initial predictions undoubtedly evolved.

What Is Silica Sand?

Primarily composed of broken-down quartz, silica sand has historically been utilized primarily in industrial concrete. Over time, natural wind and air action breaks down quartz into fine granules, creating silica sand. The use of silica sand is continuously enjoying inter-industry growth and is being applied in new technologies. Thus, the global demand for silica sand continues to rise, making Diatreme Resources’ Galalar Silica Project a timely endeavor. With the growth and spread of application, new opportunities are bound to arise. This includes the sustainable energy sector, which continues to expand globally. For investors like Quentin Flannery at the Flannery family office, high-quality silica sand is the cornerstone of solar energy innovation, a venture worth investing in. The successful completion of the investment round signifies continued interest in this quest for mainstream adaptation of clean energy sources, fueled by innovative products like silica sand.

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