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November 17, 2020

10 Cool Innovations We're Likely to See in The Next Generation of Cars

The world of cars is transforming at a lightning pace. Spectacular luxury and security features are already on offer. There's no reason why we shouldn't expect more! Let's look at some of the exciting new car-trends that will rule the next generation cars.

1.   Biometric Access

Automotive engineers and manufacturers are working diligently toward evolving the biometric entry system for new-age cars. The car's system would automatically scan the driver's retina and fingerprints to identify the owner. This will not only be an extremely convenient car access technology but also an invaluable security feature.

2.   Health Monitor

Soon cars will be equipped to give you vital health stats. One such development is a car with sensors in the seatbelt or steering wheel, which has already been showcased by Ford Motor Company (News - Alert). It is projected that the technology would not only provide alerts for the driver's health, but could also send information to paramedics regarding emergencies.

3.   Vehicle Tracking

The technology for built-in vehicle tracking is being developed to support insurance companies for tracking the movements and distances driven by a car. It's also been rumored that insurance companies are pushing for comprehensive and compulsory vehicle tracking. Unfortunately, this doesn't come as good news for car owners because it would give more power to insurance companies to reject their claims.

4.   Collision Prevention

Road safety is one of the key drivers for innovation in automotive technology. Very soon we'll be witnessing a whole new advancement in this field too. Car manufacturers are aiming at developing radar systems that can warn drivers about side collisions on the road and also while parking. Some companies even claim that their future technology could automatically change the course of the vehicle in order to prevent accidents.

With this advancement we can expect less accidents on roads that cause human life. If you’re driving Elon Musk’s new Tesla car and have been into an accident you can get your car repaired from a Tesla auto body shop near your area.

5.   Smart Watch Compatibility

With the communication technology advancing in leaps and bounds, smart watch compatibility can be expected to be launched sooner than any other innovations in the automotive sector. In the near future we could see cars being controlled by smart watches, including remote-control features like starting and shutting off the engine, operating door locks and windows as well as honking.

6.   Engine-less Cars

With ground-breaking innovations spearheaded by Tesla, the future cars are expected to run solely on electric power from the battery. The next generation of these engine-less cars would not only conform to high luxury standards, but are also expected to be offered at more reasonable prices.

7.   Smart Visor

Did you know that engineers are working on technology that can improve the efficiency of the contemporary sun-visor by at least 90%? Sounds unbelievable, right? But it's true! Bosch has already signed off the works for a Virtual Visor that can black-out sections of sunlight and provide unparalleled relief for the driver's vision. All of this can be managed only through a software- programmed transparent LCD screen integrated with a driver facing camera.

8.   Automated Valet Parking

Everyone has already heard about Google (News - Alert)'s self-driving cars and how they're going to revolutionize modern transport in the coming days. But you may not yet be aware of the automated valet parking technology that's underway. This technology can take assisted parking to a whole new level, with cars not only parking all by themselves, but also being empowered to spot the right parking place without human intervention.

9.   Transformers

Don't misunderstand us here. We don't mean that Autobots and Decepticons are making an advent to our real world. But cars which have been designed on a similar concept can soon be seen amongst us. These cars would be designed to change their basic form. Imagine an SUV reconfigured as a truck, just by pressing a button. It seems silent prayers of all the Transformers fans will finally be answered.

10.   Car-to-Car Communication

The new vehicle to vehicle communication technology has already been estimated to hit the roads by 2023. This revolutionary technology will allow drivers to communicate with other traffic on the road, exchanging information about their speed and position. Hopefully, there'll be fewer road tragedies after this technology is launched.

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