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November 17, 2020

City Church of New Orleans Discusses Using Technology to Enhance Worship and Fellowship

Many churches around the United States are looking for innovative ways to protect their members, maintain operations, and stay connected. City Church of New Orleans maintains two goals since the outbreak of COVID-19: they want to keep their members informed of pandemic risks and responses and they want to supplement in-person worship to support members at home and in small gatherings.

The mission of City Church of New Orleans is “to be a growing family of believers that is equipped and empowered to impact the world with the supernatural power of God”. In accordance with that mission, they maintain weekly worship services and small groups and provide up-to-date information and guidance for their members during the current global pandemic. They touch upon using technology to enhance worship and fellowship.

A Content Marketing Strategy for Churches

In the larger world of web content and social media, content marketing is the act of making accurate, compelling content accessible to people through digital channels. The key to any strong content marketing strategy is consistency and authenticity.

To achieve this consistency, churches like City Church of New Orleans are updating their website and social media pages with relevant content and current information. Audiences can access this content 24/7 and receive enormous benefits.

But content marketing doesn’t just entail written content on web pages and social media posts. Thousands of churches are adding podcasts (audio) and webinar capabilities to their website. Webinars can broadcast church services live and then store recorded worship services online for member download.

Using Online Giving to Streamline Cashflow

Operating costs might decrease somewhat with fewer in-person services (both worship and small groups), but many costs still continue. Ministers and church staff have a job to do to support members and publicize the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As such, churches around the country are encouraging members to give online. “Passing the plate” won’t work when the majority of members choose to worship from home, not to mention the pandemic risks of passing germs across the auditorium.

Countless churches report an increase in consistent giving among members after they instituted online giving. Members can set up direct deposit and automatic tithing each month. Online giving is both safe and more convenient.

City Church of New Orleans on Social Media and Engagement Online

The most difficult part of church worship during the COVID-19 crisis is the lack of in-person fellowship. Loneliness among both churched and unchurched Americans is at an all-time high. At-risk members, such as the elderly or mentally unstable, have fewer options to connect with their fellow churchgoers.

Churches like City Church of New Orleans are stewards of fellowship opportunities. And with the pandemic keeping people home for their safety (or limiting the amount of in-person contact), churches must think differently.

Technology can greatly benefit a church’s fellowship efforts. In fact, a simple social media strategy can help members stay in touch with everyone with greater efficiency.

Even when gathering in safe, small groups, online tools such as social media and church-focused mobile apps can spread the word among members and incorporate RSVP features to enforce state-led COVID-19 mandates.

Pastors and church staff can initiate online discussions and encourage feedback for edifying engagement. Members increase their knowledge of the Scriptures and one another in this fashion. These online tools (many of them free) can ensure that no one loses touch with their brothers and sisters in Christ once congregations return to in-person services.

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