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November 13, 2020

Is it Worth Using CheckPeople to Run a Background Check?

CheckPeople is more focused on user-friendliness and simplicity than many other similar service providers. You get the data you’re looking for without any unnecessary hassle. This no-frills background check site is generally thorough, and the data it provides is accurate for the most part, which is ultimately what counts. Read on to find out if is the right tool for you.

Getting Started

When we started our search, the report took some time to load, but the status bar helped indicate when it would be ready. combs not only public records but also a large number of social media sites. It was comforting to know they were looking into so many data sources.

The site asks users to agree they will not misuse any data they’re given. There is also a captcha confirmation to make sure you’re not a data mining robot.

Ways to Search

You can search by name or phone number, among other ways. After the search is performed, you get a list of results with potential matches showing the location, age, and family members. This helps you identify the right person. It’s very helpful in many cases, including when your subject’s name is generic.

The intuitive menu at the top of the page lets you switch between address history, personal information, related people, criminal history, marriage and divorce records, sex offender data, and more. Each section clearly shows if no results are found. It is simpler and more straightforward than many analogical providers’ menus. If you are searching whether someone is a sex offender, CheckPeople looks at people in your area as well as the specific individual.

There is an option to download a pdf file of search results, which you can save for your records. This option costs $1.99.

Interpreting the Results

Our search did not yield criminal history information on our subject, which was quite a relief. While the report was not too detailed, it was sufficient for our main purpose. If your search unearths red flags, you could try to conduct a more in-depth one, but the provider will indicate if spending the extra money on a more detailed screening is worth it. We believe this is a plus because you don’t want to spend money where you don’t need to. Another big plus is the service speed, including the time it takes to load individual pages. Only the first search was a bit slow. This may have had something to do with our connection. Generally, it takes about a minute to arrive at the first search results page. This page lists data by alphabetical order, age, or relevance. You choose how you want it to be organized.

As mentioned, you get locations, relatives, names, and other basic data in this first step. From then on, you can pull up a specific report. It will lead you to search for social network profiles. You might also get a list of related persons based on that.

You can choose from this list for the next step, a criminal records search that may include Superior Court records, local police records, a search of the county sheriff’s department, felony arrests, district court records, and data about misdemeanors.

Legislative Compliance  

Check People warns users that a search can disclose uncomfortable information. The company explicitly informs that you are not allowed to use any information it finds for you to make employment-related decisions, decisions involving consumer credit, or other decisions prohibited by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You need to provide basic personal data like your name and email to continue to the full report.

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