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November 10, 2020

Escape Game With Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are now inviting themselves in some of your escape games. And the result is unexpected, original, and immersive at the same time! Discover new scenarios, entirely or partially based on technologies, for an even more thrilling experience alone or with others!

Escape games or escape room games have become an ideal way to spend free time for many. Paranoia Quest is a platform that grants you the best escape room experience, and it is one of the best things to do near me. With technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, the experience is even better.

Rediscover the Escape Game With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (or VR) is one of the most incredible technological innovations of recent years. It also represents the future of video games. With a specific virtual reality headset, you enter a whole new dimension, with endless possibilities. The VR escape game offers you extraordinary scenarios.

Indeed, the advantage of the VR escape is to create crazy worlds, almost unbelievable, and also to play with your nerves. This makes all kinds of twists and different atmospheres. From horror to magic, including science fiction and fantasy: anything is possible. An escape room based on the use of virtual reality offers you the opportunity to discover a completely new experience.

With the VR escape game, the principle of the escape game always remains the same. You will have to decipher the clues, overcome the puzzles, and exit the room within the time limit, which is one hour. Alone or with others, the VR escape game is an excellent way to energize the game and make it take all kinds of original and unforeseen directions. And it also allows almost endless possibilities for creation! You can participate in different scenarios, real or virtual, as you wish.

The Escape Game With Augmented Reality, an Immersive Experience

Augmented reality allows you to associate real puzzles with technologies as part of your escape game. Using a digital device (a smartphone or a tablet), you have the opportunity to discover hidden clues and puzzles. In addition to your logic and your thinking skills, you will need to use technology. It will help you conquer time and overcome all the puzzles put to you as a team! Cooperate with your family or friends to exit the game within the allotted time (i.e., sixty minutes).

As you will understand, augmented reality makes it possible to add an additional dimension to the game, which reinforces the experience and makes it possible to set up ever more immersive scenarios. Unlike virtual reality, the augmented reality escape game does not require the wearing of a helmet or specific glasses. You simply operate in your environment as before while benefiting from additional technological assistance. And it is she who leads the dance throughout the game. Can you use augmented reality to triumph in the escape game? It is a unique experience that pushes back all the limits set by the traditional escape game.

You have to look for the right escape room to enjoy the best playing experience. One thing you can consider is the level of difficulty. This will help you determine which one is best for your group's ability. You can also consider the theme, which plays an essential role in granting you the best experience. Reviews on various platforms can help you understand which escape room game is the best for your group. Do not forget to look at the average competition times. This will grant you a quality experience in these advanced escape games.

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