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October 30, 2020

Why is it Important to Remember the Great and Laudable Legacy of CB Radio?

Radio communication
, as a hobby, has started showing gradual signs of improvement in the post-pandemic era, with individuals relying more on home-bound communications. While the concept might sound new to the youngsters who weren’t around when Citizen Band radio was at its prime, it certainly takes us back to the times when hobbyists used to leverage the usefulness of CB Radio for achieving monumental feats.

CB Radio Greatness Revisited

Keeping aside the fact that almost 75 percent of professional drivers, including truckers and bikers, rely on CB radio for communication, the functionality is actually way more pronounced than the funny banters or emergency relays. The 40-channel Citizen Band has been around for quite a while now, allowing users to intercommunicate, depending on other forms of restrictions.

Back in the time when cellular connectivity wasn’t around, CB radio units were used to communicate, especially within cohesive groups. While the mile-wide range doesn’t sound like a lot in 2020, smaller distances mattered a few decades back, thereby making the Citizens’ Band the best option to socialize with discretion.

However, the greatness of CB radio rubbed onto the preppers who used the technology to prepare for emergencies. Sending out intimations in case of a natural calamity, cold wave, or heat waves was common in case the concerned populace had access to diverse forms of communication tools.

Is the CB Radio Fad a Thing of the Past?

Not exactly, as modern-day drivers still rely on CB radio for getting the signals and information out to the concerned stations or fellow riders. Besides, even with smartphones around, CB radio usage on highways is preferred as it keeps the number and identity of the correspondence secretive. Moreover, as drivers often end up traveling right into inaccessible regions, cellular connectivity is bound to experience drops, thereby making the case for wider adoption of CB radios.

In addition to professional compatibility, CB radio is an excellent resource for forging lasting relationships, even when you are on the move. Mostly used by bikers out on long trips, mobile radio units, available for purchase at a credible CB radio shop, can be tuned to the same channel frequency for noise-free interactions.

The greatness of CB radio makes its presence in 2020 ostensibly relevant. With the pandemic pushing individuals indoors, radio communication and interaction are being revisited by the hobbyists, in a bid to minimize exposure and touches.

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