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October 29, 2020

Benefits of Business Blogging

If you run a small business, you may be considering whether or not starting a business blog will be a worthwhile strategy. Well, the answer is definitely yes. Frequently blogging for your business is relatively easy and is a low-cost way to improve your inbound marketing strategy, boost your online presence, and drive more traffic to your website. Over 60% of consumers in the US have made a purchase based on a blog post and companies that blog enjoy almost 100% more inbound links compared to competitors who do not. With the stats clearly in favor of business blogging, here are just some of the biggest benefits of getting started.

Improve SEO:

Search engines are designed to provide users with fresh, interesting, and valuable content - and starting a business blog is certainly one of the best ways to do this. Blogging consistently and providing useful content to your audience provides Google and other search engines with new content to index. And as other websites begin to link to the articles that you publish on your blog, you will also benefit from backlinks which are considered an endorsement of the authority of your site. Remember that Google (News - Alert) and other search engines value high-quality content over anything else, so while blogging can be an opportunity to include some relevant keywords where applicable, you should write for your audience first.

Increase Customer Engagement:

Starting a business blog will give your target audience and customers something to talk about and allows you to build a better connection with your site visitors. It is easier than ever to share the blog posts that you write with your audience on social networks like Instagram, Facebook (News - Alert), LinkedIn, and Twitter, and these posts can become a platform for them to ask questions and start conversations. As any good business owner knows, engagement is key to building better relationships with your customer base and interesting blog posts are one of the best ways to get your customers talking. Create a blog and start engaging with your audience right away.

Establish Your Authority:

A business blog is one of the best ways to showcase your knowledge and establish your authority in your industry. Most people who are looking for a service or product like yours will want to choose a company that clearly knows what they are talking about. A series of well-written, informational blog posts is one of the best ways to let your potential customers know that you really are the expert in your field. Remember that consumers are not only looking for the best products at the right price; they also often want to purchase from companies that provide them with useful information and advice that they can use to get the most out of their purchases.

Develop a Connection to Your Brand:

Along with sharing ideas, advice, and knowledge, blog posting also allows you to show your audience a personal side of your business that they will typically not get to see through traditional outbound marketing techniques. There are no limits to what you could post on your blog, and it’s a great opportunity to share more information about yourself and your team, or what goes on behind the scenes that customers don’t usually get to hear about. This provides your audience with a human face and voice to attach to your brand, which will help them develop that strong relationship and connection.

Promote Your Products or Services:

Blog posting can be an interesting way to promote certain services or products that you sell and want to draw more attention to. For example, if you have added a new product range to your eCommerce website and want to make sure that they get noticed by customers, you could ask a member of staff to use the products themselves for a week and write a comprehensive review about their experience. A blog post allows you to go into much further detail than you would usually be able to in standard product descriptions, allowing you to encourage more interest in certain products that you would like to promote.

Improve Brand Reputation:

Finally, business blogging can help you improve the reputation of your brand by providing value to your readers. Blog posts that help your audience solve a range of problems or include advice that is designed to make their lives better or easier will be far more interesting to your potential customers compared to standard advertisements. By using your business blog to go into more detail about how your products and services could improve your customers’ lives and give them advice on how to make the most of it, you can boost customer trust and improve the reputation of your brand overall.

Business blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your online presence, boost engagement, and build a better relationship with your target audience.

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