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October 28, 2020

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses: How Cloud Technology Benefits You

For small business owners, taking risks and chances on software and development that is newer to the business world can be scary. You tend to have more to lose than large corporations and worry you won’t have the finances for the new service.

However, one service that you should try out for your small business is cloud computing.

Cloud computing allows you to store and access everything from one simple network, or a cloud-based service. It makes remote working possible, as long as you have an internet connection.

How does cloud computing benefit small businesses? We have four reasons to show you why it’s worth your time and investment.


Likely the biggest benefit of cloud computing for small businesses is the convenience. When you can bring everything together under one cloud network, it makes accessing the documents you need much easier. No longer do you need to log onto different networks to gather information. It’s all right there.

Having this convenience is crucial if you do any kind of remote working.


Cybersecurity is an ongoing topic for any company, not just small businesses. However, small companies are quite vulnerable to outside threats and attacks, especially if they don’t have any security in place.

Cloud-based options, like SASE, allows you to have more control of your cybersecurity and bring everything under one network. Have you ever noticed the various security options available, to the point it becomes overwhelming?  Going with cloud options, it is the convergence of network security methods into one platform.

Backups and Recovery

We know how essential it is to have backups of data, whether it be personal or professional. The downfall, though, is how much work it can be to get those backups in place. Sometimes, it can become so frustrating that we forget about it altogether.

As a business owner of any size, it’s vital that you have backups of your company’s data and recovery options. What would happen if you were locked out due to an attack, or a computer malfunctioned and wiped the hard drive clean? Would you still have that information stored somewhere else? With cloud computing, you can easily set up automatic backups every day to keep all of your data safe.


Cloud computing is often a cost-effective solution for data storage and network security. If you’re storing everything on a powerful server in house, you need to first invest in the server, which can get expensive. After that, you still must maintain the server and do all of the updates.

By going with cloud storage and network options, you tend to pay only your usage fee each month. Going this route can save you quite a bit of money since it’s the service provider’s responsibility to maintain the server.

Going with cloud computing provides many benefits to a small business beyond the ones listed above. Another great use of this service is the opportunity to easily increase in size as your company grows, all without doing much more work.

Take the time to research cloud computing options that work best for your business.

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