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October 27, 2020

The Best Casino Bonuses Compared (Detailed Explanation)

At an online casino, players are fully rewarded with casino bonuses. But why is a casino giving away the bonuses? What types of bonuses are there, and what are wagering requirements?

These and other questions are answered in this article. It gives you a good idea of ??the casino bonuses before you get started for online gambling. Therefore, read everything at your leisure, so that you know what to expect.

You need to know this before starting online casino bonuses

$ 100 bonus, $ 500 bonus and sometimes $ 1000 in casino bonuses as a gift. What and why are online casinos giving away such crazy amounts?

Very simple: they do this to recruit new guests.

Is such a bonus useful to you?

Sometimes yes and sometimes not.

Every bonus has conditions. You must read these conditions before you start using them. It is (unfortunately) too often that players start with a bonus and find out when the bonus is requested that the bonus has not yet been cleared.

Frustrating, very frustrating.

There are also bonuses that are simply nonsense, a so-called 'wax nose' or a cigar from your own box. The wagering conditions are so high, and the other conditions are so false that you can never, ever unlock them.

You can't blame the online casinos either. In the past, very early, there were the 'bonus hunters'. These people deposited money, took advantage of a bonus, played one round or not at all, and cashed out the money immediately.

This costs the online casino claws of money. Therefore, something had to be invented that would give players an advantage, but the bonus hunters could no longer cheat.

The wagering requirements were the solution. This means that a bonus amount must first be wagered 10 to 40 times (depending on the bonus and / or casino). Only then can the bonus and the money won be paid out.

But those are not the only conditions. With some online casino games, you can win money more easily than others.

Therefore, the table games such as roulette online, blackjack and punto banco are unfortunately often excluded from the wagering requirements. Like the slots with a progressive jackpot, you can often only bet a limited amount per round.

When you go over that, your bonus will be canceled, and the winnings from it will be deleted. You will only find out when you request a payment.

Why do online casinos give away bonuses?

Most people have heard of casino bonuses. As an online player, you have certainly had to deal with it. Thanks to the bonuses, playing becomes more fun, exciting and interesting. There are, therefore, several reasons why a casino gives you these bonuses.

To begin with, a casino such as casino 888 wants you as a player to feel at home. That is why you often receive a kind of introductory bonus before you have deposited money. You receive a few dollars in playing credit or free spins to explore the playing environment.

The casino does this of course in the hope that you will sign up here. If you like it, there is a good chance that you will deposit money here.

Other reasons

Another reason that an online casino works with casino bonuses is to attract players. There are online casinos that offer you one or more bonuses every week.

This makes it very interesting, and therefore the chance that you will return here is very high. By using a bonus, you can get free spins or, for example, extra play credit.

You are curious about what else is to come, and that is why you return to the casino. This allows the casino to bind you as it were.

But for you as a player, the casino bonuses also have many advantages, such as many extras.

What types of bonuses are there?

There are many types of casino bonuses. To give you a good idea of ??this, the most common bonuses with explanations are listed below.

Welcome Bonus

A casino gives the welcome bonus to players who have just registered. The casino wants to thank you for signing up, and the bonus is the reward.

Usually, it is about a 100% bonus on top of the amount you have deposited. For example, you could deposit 40 dollars, then you get the 100% bonus and then you also receive 40 dollars as a gift from the casino. In total, you then have 80 dollars in play credit. There is a maximum amount that a casino pays out as a welcome bonus.

Free Spins

Another name for the free spins bonus is the free spins bonus. You will receive free spins with the bonus, and for that, you can spin an X number of times.

As a new player, you can get this bonus, but also if you have been playing at a casino for a while. The bonus is often offered when a new slot machine is launched. This way, you can try the new game for free first.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is a follow-up to the welcome bonus. If you have used the welcome bonus (after the first deposit), you can still make another deposit.

You can then receive even more bonus percentages with the relevant deposit. It varies per casino how high the percentage is and what bonus amount you will receive.

No-deposit bonus

The No Deposit Bonus is a bonus for which you do not have to do anything and, therefore, very interesting. You can collect this bonus without having to deposit money.

All you have to do is register yourself at the casino and create an account. The casino offers you the opportunity to play casino games already and explore the gaming environment.

The cashback

The cashback bonus is a nice bonus because you will get money back if you have lost. Usually, this is a fixed percentage of the lost amount. How high the percentage is and what the conditions are, differs per casino.

VIP or high roller bonus

The VIP or high rollers bonus is intended for players who like to play with high amounts and therefore dare to take more risks. The casino rewards its players who play with higher amounts and who dare to take more risks.

The bonus can take shape in various ways. You may receive money, but you can also earn a trip, for example.

What are the wagering requirements or wagering requirements?

When talking about the wagering requirements or the wagering requirements, it is about the conditions that apply to the bonus in order to be able to clear the bonus money.

The wagering requirement points to an X number of times to bet a bonus amount. Also, pay attention to which games you can play to be able to clear the bonus. The chances are that not all bets on the games are valid to clear your bonus.

We explain this for clarification by means of an example. Suppose you have a 100% welcome bonus with a maximum of 100 dollars, and you have a wagering requirement of 35x. As a player, you would like to make optimal use of the bonus, and then you deposit 100 dollars, so you also receive 100 dollars as a gift from the casino (the maximum bonus).

Free play therefore means 100 dollars X 35 = 3500 dollars. You must therefore have used this amount before you can cash out the bonus money. Keep in mind that the bonus money often has to be released within X number of days (the exact date is described in the conditions of the relevant bonus).

Should you use a bonus or not?

You are often offered multiple casino bonuses at an online casino, but you are not obliged to use the bonuses. It is very personal which bonus is or is not interesting for you.

It is wise to check whether the bonus has added value for you. For example, if you get free spins for a certain slot machine, but you only play table games, it is less interesting for you than if you love the slots.

What is the best thing to do:

  • See what bonuses a casino currently has available.
  • Read the conditions of each bonus, and then you know where you stand and what you must meet if you want to use the casino bonus.
  • Pay close attention to the term when the bonus is valid. Most bonuses are time-limited.

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