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October 26, 2020

Crisis Or Prices? Which side of the Picture is Dominant?

The price value of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency has suddenly raised to a very high level in the last 4 months. The trade value of Bitcoin has raised to a level of 12000 US dollars. This price was last observed in the year 2017. Some people are questioning either this is putting the whole digital trading in a situation of Crisis or pricing it up.

The price of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency was hanging between 11,000 US dollars and 13,000 US dollars. But on October 20th, this price suddenly increased above 12,000 US dollars and git stuck there or this can be said that it kept on increasing.  This increasing rate ratio of bitcoin Cryptocurrency can be an alarming sign for the start of the digital trading market Euphoria.

It is being predicted that this market euphoria will cause a devaluing of conventional currencies like the US dollar and many others. This extremely high price of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency will also leave an effect on the price of Gold and silver by increasing it to a great extent.

As this is usually said that the excess of everything is bad. This can be related to the current situation, The continuous increase in the rates of Bitcoins may seem to be a good thing but the fact behind these excessive increases is hidden in the Risk of developing a Bull cycle run of the digital trading market.

Suspicion Of Bull Market Euphoria:

The price rates of Bitcoins or any other digital currency work cyclically. You can say that in the digital market trading of Cryptocurrency everything is related to each other and they are affected in an interrelated fashion.

Mr. Willy Woo who is an On-Chain Analyst shows some positive remarks about the current situation. He is optimistically taking the whole situation. He further explains that the devaluing that is being faced by the US dollar because of the highly increased rates of Bitcoins is not a surprise. He says that this relation is pretty simple and there is nothing to be worried about this whole situation he further says that Bitcoin is a new thing compared to the traditional currencies.

Some analysts are saying that this time of highly elevated rates is a good sign and it can help the traders to increase transaction trading and profits in a very effective manner. Traders are also feeling quite satisfied to see the record-breaking rates of Bitcoins after the year 2017. Traders and other investors who are using Bitcoin Cryptocurrency are saying that the current circumstances are heading the Digital Market to its peak and it is a clear-cut thing that the slope will descend ultimately. To know more about the factors that can lead to a Bull market cycle visit the bitcoin system.

What’s Next?

The satisfaction of traders by the increasingly digital market trade rates is engaging more and more investments with Bitcoins and some Critics are saying that this can be a red flag for the upcoming wave of a bull market Euphoria that can flip over the situation and can cause an outrage in the digital trading Market.

Although the Bitcoin rates are increasing continuously this should be kept in mind that this increase will occur up to a specific limit. At the end of the day, this has to follow a downward slope. Some are however saying that the need for the hour is to be a bit more careful about the increasing prices of Bitcoin. An anonymous trader of bitcoin cryptocurrency says that at this level of 1200 hours we should think to take a step back to keep a sustained stabilization. in the trade values thus decreasing the risk of Market Euphoria.

This rapidly increasing trade value of Bitcoin digital currency is suspected to increase in November, particularly in the first week of November. People are saying that this is just a sign and the rest is yet to come. There are chances of bullying but the chances for bitcoin to achieve this level have very few chances.


At the end of the day, we can say that this whole situation of rapidly increasing Cryptocurrency trade value especially for Bitcoin needs to go through a speed breaker otherwise the whole Cryptocurrency digital market is suspected to through a phase of Bull Market wave. Critics are laying their point by stating that this whole situation can be a possible red flag for the future wave of a bull market Euphoria that can cause an outrage in the digital trading Market.

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