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October 19, 2020

Everything There is To Know About The Upgraded Xbox X and S series

This time around, Microsoft (News - Alert) updates on Xbox products seemed more focused on compatibility issues. Xbox fans should expect better from the coming Xbox X and S series, which will have better graphics, improved storage for quicker game launching, smoother play, and generally more responsive hardware. Microsoft plans to do things differently by releasing two new consoles at once. These consoles will be unique in many ways featuring impeccable support for older games played on the previous Microsoft consoles.

The sophisticated nature of modern games has made it easier for players to compete at a professional level. Many console games are featured in global eSports tournaments, which often have prize pools in the range of millions. Besides participating in such competitions, video game enthusiasts can play for real money in the top 2020 eSports betting sites. This is what every Xbox gamer should anticipate with the upgraded consoles.

A Deeper Look into the Updates

Microsoft’s plan to release two new consoles this November is one of the most exciting news made in the gaming world. It is necessary to outline the expected changes, the most significant being the price alteration. The Xbox X and S series shall defer by a difference of $200, the higher being priced at $499. The S series is the cheaper option supporting a 1440p display with 60 frames per second display rate. The X series supports a 4k resolution under the same frame rate. The two shall also defer in the processor speeds, of which the X version shall have a 3.8GHz processor while the S series will have a 3.6GHz processor.

The consoles shall deliver high-quality audio powered by Atmos technology while the lighting shall be advanced via the hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Unlike previous consoles, these upgraded versions will support games played on earlier versions of Xbox and feature expandable memory up to 1TB via a memory card.

The X series is expected to have better graphics than Sony’s PlayStation five, thanks to its 12.5 teraflops, which outdo PlayStations 10 teraflops. The company reports that the 60fps support is not the limit and that the new devices can reach double the number. Even though Xbox X supports 4k display, it does not necessarily mean that you have to use a 4k television.

Something for the Old Console Users

The Microsoft team is working hard to ensure both new and old customers get the best experience out of Xbox products. They plan to achieve that by ensuring every customer feels prioritized whenever new updates are released. Microsoft has therefore declared that future updates will eliminate the need to switch consoles. This new development includes all Xbox users, including those with the original Xbox. It is vital to note that these features will only be available for Microsoft associates. Games from other developers like EA might be excluded from this feature. Microsoft also warns that some big names might not be part of this update as they have not expressed intentions to be part of the new updating process.

New Games to Come With the Update

There is no better way to make the most out of a new console than to play with the market's latest games. Despite supporting previous game versions, Microsoft promises new games that match the efficiency of the new consoles. This includes popular games like Halo Infinite (News - Alert). The coronavirus has affected the natural order of business, and the game could delay until 2021. Other popular games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion are yet to announce their release dates.

Reverse Compatibility

While competitors like Sony do not provide compatibility between new consoles and older games, Xbox makes this possible by enabling older console users to play new games in the market. Despite the compatibility issue, Microsoft promises to offer enhancements and free upgrades on other games. Even with the old game versions, playing them on a more advanced hardware provides a whole new experience, given that the games will perform better. Microsoft reports that some of the games will be updated to fit the more advanced features, making them more enjoyable.

Considering the Non-Console Users

If you are wondering what Microsoft has for its non-console customers, we have you sorted. The CloudX is Xbox’s leeway for android and other devices to access Xbox games through an online portal. Users log in and play games remotely. You only need to pay a subscription fee of $14.99 each month to start and continue using the service. Although the idea is not entirely new, Microsoft has taken a deeper venture into the feature and promises to make all games available as soon as they are launched.

Moreover, paying $14.99 allows you to download and play some Xbox games offline. A gold subscription package enables users to play multiplayer games online. It is, however, essential to remember that your internet connection plays a significant role while using CloudX. This service is not yet available for iOS users.

Based on our research of upgraded Xbox attributes, the new series is a good buy for the modern gamer.

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