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October 16, 2020

7 Enterprise Software Applications For Growing Companies

As your company begins to grow out of the startup phase, you'll want to consider expanding your company's digital infrastructure with automation. As the number of daily tasks required to run your business grows, automation can alleviate the stress of operations for your team. The following are some of the most popular and effective software and automation solutions for growing businesses.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The term customer relationship management can refer to the guidelines that company follows when interacting with customers, buyers, and bidders in order to maintain good standing. Customer relationship management (CRM) can also refer to the technology and software a company employs to handle customer interactions. Using artificial intelligence and automation for CRM gives companies and dealmakers valuable data about their potential buyers and customers for building and maintaining their relationship. AI integration into CRM software and solutions is incredibly useful to a company's daily functions because it can help speed up sales cycles and more effectively prevent fraud.

2. Cloud Configuration and Enterprise Controls

The cloud has become an integral part of modern business functions. Especially now when the majority of companies have their teams working from home due to COVID-19, the cloud is an essential tool for keeping people connected. Turbot cloud governance software streamlines your team's workflow with real-time automation and gives you full control of your company's digital infrastructure. Turbot's cloud governance platform acts as a collaboration tool for a range of industries, and its successful integration and automation provides a consistent hybrid experience for teams that use several types of applications for their workload.

Turbot creates a merger and partnership with applications such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google (News - Alert) Cloud Platform (GCP) by providing a location space that integrates these cloud providers. This allows you to combine and segregate the apps as needed while giving your team access to the applications through a single sign-in. Turbot also employs guardrails to ensure security for your team along with ease of use. The cloud governance platform that Turbot provides promotes agility and best practices for you and your team. You have complete control at your fingertips as you can quickly assign and edit permissions for individual employees.

Turbot's automation consolidates notifications across all of your active applications. The merger of the applications' infrastructures gives your team direct access to the entire ecosystem of tools these operating systems have to offer. Turbot's automation provides data protection through encryption, backup, rotation, and deletion for data shared across AWS, Azure, and GCP. They also offer board communication and monitoring across all applications. Turbot's artificial intelligence allows for automatic setup for monitoring, ticketing, and alarms.

3. Secure File Sharing Software

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are an essential part of business operations and data sharing. A virtual data room provides a controlled environment to meet with third parties and potential buyers with the promise of security and confidentiality. Caplinked's virtual data room lets you take complete control of your data by giving you a secure space to manage confidential documents, mergers, and sensitive data. When sharing confidential information and intellectual property with potential buyers online it's important to do your due diligence and be aware of the potential security risks.

The virtual data rooms provided by Caplinked gives you, the administrator, a secure platform on which to create strategic partnerships with interested parties, buyers, and bidders. The ease of use and secure access of Caplinked's virtual data rooms are the reasons why nearly half of all Fortune 1000 companies choose them as their data room provider. Financial institutions such as investment bankers are popular VDR users. Other industries that commonly use virtual data room services are private equity, real estate, venture capital, legal firms, and the life science industry. These industries need a virtual data room and secure data center for their day-to-day operations for use cases such as digital rights management, relaying confidential data, completing the due diligence process, and sharing sensitive documents.

Caplinked's API and virtual data room services protects your valuable data and adds security measures to your company's workflow with artificial intelligence and automation. Having a VDR provider that allows for successful integration of all your applications — such as DropBox, Google Drive, and Office365 — into their datasite means you can see in real-time how your workload data is being used. Caplinked's data rooms employ robust security measures to protect your confidential documents so you can do your due diligence. You can customize the security modules you need for your VDR; archiving folders, assigning certification, controlling permissions, using dynamic watermarks are all possible with Caplinked as your virtual data room provider.

4. Business Intelligence Software

Integrating a business intelligence software into your company's digital functions and infrastructure makes it simple to retrieve all of your company's data, transform it, and upload it a single location space and datasite. It's here where you can store and interpret the data into actionable insights. A powerful business intelligence software will not only store the data but will also create the insights for you. This way you can easily take the data from last year and transform it into a plan to fill in any gaps in productivity and make productive changes to drive profits. Business intelligence software goes beyond just a spreadsheet of sales and expenses, it becomes and entire data center filled with actionable insights about all your company's functions.

5. Automated Email Marketing System

Including automation into your marketing efforts is one of the best ways to reduce your team's workload. Email marketing is an especially effective marketing in B2B relationships. There are many automated email marketing system with free trials for business owners, and if you're company is a startup and newly growing business, this free trial can be a life saver. Automated emails are strategically timed and planned so the viewer gets the most out of their subscription to your emailing list, without having their inbox overwhelmed with unnecessary content. This form of marketing is also effective for fundraising or announcing a strategic partnership with a new vendor because the content will most likely already be reaching your most loyal clients and partners.

6. Human Resources

Integrating automation into your HR processes streamlines the functions involved in hiring, onboarding, and training. When these processes are done manually they take a lot of time and labor. While you may not want to get rid of your physical HR department completely, integrating automated HR systems into the department will greatly free up your HR administrators' time so they can focus their energy on more pressing issues.

Automated HR service providers ensure data protection is the priority. The hiring process involves the transfer of sensitive information, and onboarding and training often involves the transmission of confidential data about your company's ideals and intellectual property. Many HR service providers use data encryption and have thorough certification processes. Especially when used in industries with highly sensitive information such as healthcare facilities or in law firms, HR services ensure regulations from HIPAA and other data privacy laws are strictly followed.

7. Automated Billing and Payment Processing

Automated billing provides a secure platform for the transfer of financial statements and payments. By using automation in your billing system you can avoid late payments or failed payments from clients. You can easily integrate your enterprise policies into the system to assist in the fraud-reduction abilities of the software. These types of software also often use AI auditors that track and assess incoming and outgoing payments.

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