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October 15, 2020

Build a construction crane safely

A construction crane, or rather a tower crane, is built from the base. If you are going to place a tower crane somewhere, you must ensure that you can safely load and unload during your lifting activities. Preferably not above buildings or where people are walking or cyclists and cars are driving. If this is not possible, the road and sidewalk must be closed off or provided with a covering.

Build up the crane

Once the base has been installed, a so-called extension section, in which a tower section fits, slides up a section each time. Until the desired height of the tower crane is reached. With the long crane arm, the tower crane can lift and move all kinds of things that are needed in the construction of a house, for example. The long arm can rotate. A counterweight hangs on the other side of the boom to keep the crane balanced.

Where is a construction crane used for?

The construction crane is used in the construction of almost every project. Construction cranes are used to lift, lower or move construction products. Bouwma introduced the Vicario construction crane in the Netherlands in 1982. These Vicario construction cranes distinguish themselves in quality, capacities, performance, durability and reliability compared to all other construction cranes. The construction cranes can be set up or ironed within minutes. With over 35 years of experience on the Dutch market, it has become apparent that the Vicario construction cranes cannot be matched. Bouwma is the exclusive importer of these Italian Vicario construction cranes. You can request a quote to rent or buy a construction machine (translated to Dutch: bouwmachine).

Construction elevators

A construction lift is a type of lift that can raise and lower all kinds of materials on the construction site. The lift consists of a steel base, usually with wheels and a winch box with an electric motor. On the building side is a steel mast with a platform. At the top of the mast is a pulley, over which the cable runs, from the platform to the winch.

The platform can be raised and lowered with or without load using the winch. The mast can be folded down to simplify transport to and from the construction site. In case of overload, a brake is activated. The brake is required by law as a safety measure. Transport of persons with such a lift is prohibited.

The construction elevator is the ideal solution for the vertical transport of tools and building materials. Due to its compact size, the construction hoist is mainly used on the construction site. Bouwma is manufacturer of the well-known Warry construction lift. With the Warry construction hoist, Bouwma makes a distinction between wire rope hoists and rack and pinion hoists. Curious about our Warry construction hoists? Discover our offer!

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