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October 14, 2020

Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty

When you run a business, one of your key resources is your workforce. If you are constantly losing staff and having to retrain new team members, this can end up being enormously disruptive and expensive. Also, a stable employee base helps you to create a positive business culture where everyone is working for one another. Employee loyalty is a concept that many businesses strive towards, but not all of them can achieve it. There are various methods that you can use to increase employee loyalty, but here are a few to consider implementing:

Increase Leadership Confidence

Employees want to know that they are being led from the front, so you need to increase confidence in your own leadership wherever possible. This means improving your own skills and attributes, while also communicating a clear company vision to your team members. Too often, people are kept in the dark and feel like they are not managed effectively. Positivity from the top can end up being infectious and will filter its way down over time.

Offer Clear Development Opportunities

One common complaint that employees have is that they feel like they are working in a dead-end job. People want to feel like they have the opportunity to develop within the role, so you need to offer a clear route for them to do this. Try to promote from the inside rather than always looking to hire external people. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should simply give promotions away, but you should try to encourage your staff to be their best selves.

Provide Rewards

Rewards and corporate perks are effective ways of keeping employees loyal to your organization. While financial gains are obviously motivating, they are not the only factor that can end up keeping employees with you. Benefits also include things like having an office gym, employee bonding events, or simply free tea and coffee. Rewards can also come in the form of a simple thank you or job well done. Too often, this is overlooked and forgotten about.

Offer Respect

Another common complaint of employees is that they feel overlooked and simply not respected. If you micromanage your staff too closely, this can be interpreted as a clear sign that you don’t trust them intrinsically, so you should aim to give them more ownership of projects where possible. When you bring team members onto a project, you should make sure that you ask their opinions and allow them to shape the direction of it.

Resolve Conflicts

Very few people want to work in an environment that is full of conflict, so you need to make a special effort to resolve conflicts as they arise. Dispute resolution is a delicate balancing act in which people should feel like they are being listened to and their thoughts and feelings properly acknowledged.

Increasing employee loyalty is an ongoing task, but also one that is worth managing closely to ensure your team stays together and thrives in your business.

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