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September 30, 2020

Programmatic Advertising: The Beginner's Guide

Advertising has come a long way from days of classifieds on local newspapers to more digitized forms such as programmatic advertising. Capturing the attention of consumers is no easy task. We are bombarded by a plethora of online ads and live streams in our everyday lives.

Programmatic helps you determine which platforms are most efficient to advertise on while eliminating the task of having to manually select the best places to place your ads. Thus, the need to understand this emerging concept in the advertising industry.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the process that utilizes automation to buy and sell digital advertising space. Computers are used to decide which ads to obtain and the price to pay for each. Simply put, it is the selling of inventory on publishing sites via different platforms, while the advertising side buys these inventory and places ads on the publisher's website.

It is done via real-time auctions where ads are bought as a visitor loads a site. Click here for a more detailed description of how programmatic advertising can help you gain more control over your ad production and buying.

Benefits of Making Your Advertising Programmatic

1. Enhanced targeting capabilities

There are two notable ways you can increase your reach to consumers. You can apply programmatic to contextual advertising, where data from user profiles and page content is analyzed to deliver ads to the most appropriate place. The second method involves utilizing both the first and third-party data to enrich the audience profile.

Nevertheless, there are other strategies you can employ to personalize your brand's ads. Geo-targeting, remarketing, and app targeting are some popular strategies used to refine targeting.

2. Real-time insights

With programmatic technology and strategies, you can consolidate campaigns in one system across devices. You can check the performance of each ad in real-time, and apply necessary adjustments. You are empowered to make data-driven decisions to test and improve results.

3. Convenience and transparency

Thanks to technological innovations within the past decade, you can now forgo outsourcing services from third-parties and agents to handle your ad budget. Programmatic advertising is a convenient way for businesses to access their ad inventories across a variety of exchanges.

You additionally keep track of your ad spend. There is increased transparency over prices. You know where and how your money is being spent, and for what purpose. It is a clear-cut way of purchasing media.

4. Cost-effective

Programmatic advertising allows you to better control your budget. When your ads are optimized, you avoid wastage on users who are likely to be uninterested in your product.

5. Increased reach

The possibilities are endless with programmatic advertising. You can access a wider audience across a wide array of devices, such as smartphones, PCs, tablets, via TV, in-app, and even out-of-home.

Tip For Thought

As technology continues to evolve, so does programmatic advertising. Get your brand to take advantage of the latest programmatic strategies and technologies. Reach a larger target audience, and grow your business with programmatic advertising.

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