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September 23, 2020

Can I Track My Husband's Phone Without Touching It

Today, many wives often wonder if they can track their husband’s phone without them knowing. This is often due to the prevalence of unfaithful husbands in modern society. If you are one such woman who wants to track your husband, boyfriend, and even your child’s phone, Spyine is the best software.

Spyine is a phone-monitoring program that works seamlessly with Android  and iOS and is purpose-built to be extremely functional and easy-to-use. In this article, I will give the simple steps needed to use it and go through why you should always prefer Spyine to check on potentially unfaithful partners.

Part 1: How Can I Track My Husband’s Phone   Location

If you are someone who suspects your partner of being unfaithful and wonders how you can track them without them knowing, then Spyine is the obvious answer. It is a world-renowned mobile tracker that has been reviewed in glowing terms by trusted outlets such as PCWorld, Forbes, and DigitalTrends.

1.1 Tracking iPhones Remotely

If your husband uses an iOS device, you do not even need to touch it for Spyine to start working, let alone install an app on it. All you need are his iCloud ID and the password, and you can begin tracking his activities right away. If your husband uses an Android phone, skip ahead to the next section.

1.2 Setting Up Spyine for iOS

If your husband use iOS device, you can follow these simple steps to spy on your husband’s Phone with Spyine:

Step 1: Create a free Spyine account with your email ID and connect it to the internet. You will receive a verification code in your email, which you can use to activate your account.

Step 2: You will be inquired to select a subscription plan ranging from the Basic plan to Premium or Family subscription. You need to select the plan that caters your requirements to perfection.

Step 3: Now, you only need to choose which iOS device you want it to keep track of you. You do not need your husband's phone at any step of the process. All you need is his iCloud ID and password, and Spyine will begin tracking your husband.

Step 4: Once you have successfully set up the software, you can check up on your husband at any time using Spyine’s handy dashboard that can be accessed through a web browser on any device at any time you want.

Part 2: How to Monitor Your Husband’s Android Phone Secretly

If your husband uses an Android device, Spyine can help you access all his data so that you can catch him in the act if he is unfaithful without him having a clue about it. All you need to do is install the Spyine app on his mobile. Once this is done, all his data will be allowed to check at your leisure.

2.1 Monitoring Android Devices Discreetly

These four straightforward steps are all you need to begin monitoring your husband successfully:

Step 1: Use your email ID to create a Spyine account. This can be done on any device and will not cost you anything.

Step 2: After logging yourselves in, you need to select a subscription plan that particularly suits your needs. You may select the Basic, Premium, or Family subscription according to the conditions you are into.

Step 3: For Android phones, you will need to install the Spyine app on the target phone in order to monitor that phone. But this does not compromise your plans of discreetly tracking your spouse because the app is tiny in size, works in the background without draining any battery, and, once installed, disappears from the app drawer.

Step 4: After you are done with the above steps, you can log in to your Spyine account on any web browser through any device whenever you prefer, and all of your husband's data will be there for you to monitor in real-time via the Spyine dashboard.

Part 3: How to Track Your Husband’s iPhone   without Touching It

3.1 Spyine – The Revolutionary Cheater Catcher

Let us outline some Spyine features that make it the perfect program to monitor untrustworthy partners. Spyine offers you accessibility over your partner's social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. It helps you monitor their personal and group conversations and access their media files along with all the necessary contact credentials.

3.2 Stealth Mode

Spyine provides you with the tracking features mentioned above and much more, all while your husband has no idea that you are keeping tabs on his every move. You can access the details of his location, chats, calls, social interactions, and the media he has shared while Spyine’s stealth mode ensures all of this information is collected discreetly.

3.3 What makes Spyine the Best Choice in Spy Apps

Spyine is one efficient platform that allows you to look over any phone activity or have it tracked without letting the other individual speculate any activity.

-     No Root Required

Spyine works without asking for root access or a jailbroken phone so that the phone’s security is never compromised, and potentially harmful software and viruses are kept out of your smartphones.

-     Tracking Location

Spyine offers you a location tracker that gives you a closer look across your partner's phone by following them through GPS and Wi-Fi tracking. The tracker allows you to have a check over the normal movement patterns and have a closer integrated 3D street view with the help of the tools provided by Google  .

-        Geofencing

You can not only monitor your spouse’s movement through Spyine but also mark specific zones on an e-map so that you are immediately notified whenever your husband enters or exits those areas. Thus, Geofencing allows you to always know if your husband has snuck in a place where he should not be.

-      Message and Call Reader

Through Spyine, you can also record who your husband is calling or texting along with the time and contents of the chat. This allows you to check if a ‘work-call’ is actually related to work or merely your husband trying to hide his infidelity from you.


We see that Spyine’s amazing set of features make it the ultimate phone tracking software that will serve the needs of any woman, wondering if she can track her husband’s phone without him knowing about it. Spyine’s superb design and flawless integration of discrete monitoring with iOS and Android shoot it miles ahead.

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