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September 23, 2020

3 Reasons to Buy a Security Camera

Do you have costly jewellery from your granny at home? A new and expensive car on your driveway? Or a lot of high-tech electronics you use for work? Whatever valuable it may be, you simply don’t want anyone to touch it without permission and definitely not steal it. Unfortunately, burglary is still a lucrative source of income to many criminals. They know exactly how to get in unseen and undetected and take all your personal belongings. So it is better to be safe than sorry and take adequate security measures in order to protect your home. We always advise people to at least install a professional security camera, preferable in combination with an alarm system. These systems have lots of benefits. In this article, you give you 3 reasons to buy a security camera.

1.Deter burglars

Once a burglary has happened, the damage is already done. So the best thing to do is finding a security solution that helps to prevent burglary and damage. Locating security cameras next to your doors and/or windows that are clearly visible, often deter burglars. Make sure though to buy a real one and not a fake one. You can’t fool experienced burglars!

The best thing to do is to combine a security camera with an alarm system. Many alarm systems, such as the Ajax alarm systems (Dutch: Ajax alarm systemen), have sensors that are able to detect threats in an early stage. These sensors can trigger the alarm which also deters burglars. A company like

2. Evidence

Also if a security camera doesn’t deter criminals, it’s still of great value. If someone breaks into your home or damages/destroys your valuables, a security camera is able to record it. Make sure that you have a security camera that can also make high-detailed recordings at night (e.g, Hikvision cameras). After all, most criminals try to break into your home when it’s dark! If you have a detailed recording, this can be of great help to the police in identifying and finding the offender(s). And eventually may help you get back your stolen goods.


Not only the police will ask you for recordings, your insurance company will ask for your recordings as well. If you want to validate your insurance claim, proof is often a necessity. A detailed recording will definitely help! Besides that, security measures such as a professional camera and alarm system, often lead to discounts on home security!

Don’t make your home an easy-entry for criminals. Install a professional camera and outsmart criminals!

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