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September 23, 2020

Iron Software | C# Libraries to Solve Real World Problems

Iron Software is a software development company that creates and supports files mostly used in documentation. Some of its products include PDF reader, OCR, Barcode Reader, Excel Reader and Web scraping. Its customer base ranges from telecommunication to aerospace, healthcare, sanitation and government.

Iron Software Production Library

1.The C# PDF Library

The Sharp (News - Alert) C PDF Library reads, migrates and imports parse in image and text files to and from PDF files. It helps in document management in PDF format, which makes business and clerical operations much simpler. IronPDF uses the C# format to convert HTML pages and text files into PDF. It is Google (News - Alert) accredited, meaning you do not need additional software or manual programming for development.

Uses of IronPDF

  • Provides PDF library for .net
  • Provide tools for editing PDFs in .Net Core and Framework.
  • Configures with .Net MVC, .Net Core and ASP Net PDF.
  • Convert to PDF files in C#, HTML and VB
  • Reads and converts Parse Text and Images into PDF.

2.The C# OCR Library

The software reads barcodes and texts from image files and PDFs. Irrespective of the image or document's clarity or resolution, the OCR Library C sharp software can enhance the resolution, improve contrast, and correct distorted information on bar codes.

Features of IronOCR Library

  • Turn Image to Text – the scans generate texts and content from bar codes, PDF, GIF, BMP, JPG and PNG.
  • Accurate and Fast – it reads, crops, and documents details in bar codes accurately, despite the resolution.
  • Consistency – the advanced image processing assures the user of consistent results, even if the background colouring is altered or distorted.
  • Multi-lingual – it can run images and documents written in Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, traditional and simplified Chinese, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Korean, Italian, English, Finnish, German, French and Hebrew.
  • Customer Support – users can get direct support from the IronOCR development lab.

3.The C# Barcode Library

It designs, generates and exports QR and barcodes to HTML, PDF or system based. The VB.NET and C# formulae are the typical applications used in generating the barcodes. It can also read QR and barcodes on scanned images. IronBarcode can generate and read barcodes using BarcodeReader or BarcodeWriter classes.

Features of IronBarcode Library

  • Ability to recognise different Barcodes and QR clusters – it can read and generate barcodes using 17 standards. The data gathered can be presented in either images, pages or text, which makes indexing easier.
  • Prompt and Accurate Barcode Scanning – it pre-scans images and documents, which increases the reading speed. It also sieves background noises, skewed images and document distortion to provide accurate readings.
  • Easy configuration with .Net Projects – it does not need additional software to configure the processing speed or any other element associated with .Net framework.
  • Generates Barcodes and QR in various formats – the user can save the code in PDF, PNG, TIFF, GIF, HTML, BMF and JPG formats.
  • Can be used in content management, accounting, document digitisation and information management.

4.The C# Excel Library

The software helps manage any excel API and effectively replaces Microsoft (News - Alert) excel. It can read, create and edit spreadsheets files from, MacOS, Windows Mobile, Linux, iOS, MVC and android applications. It also supports Framework, Azure and .Net Core, effectively configuring it to multiple systems.

Features of IronXL

  • Reads and creates spreadsheets with excel in .Net – no add-ons when working with MS Office Excel. It also configures with C# read excel file, .Net Core, VB.Net, XLSX and .Net Core.
  • Versatile – allows the user to read, write, save and export spreadsheet data in CSV, XLS, JSON, TSV and XLSX.
  • Modifies cells on spreadsheets – font, bordering, alignment and background.
  • Edits data types, formula and filters.
  • Used in generating accounting ledgers, content development, data reporting and documentation.

5.The C# WebScraping Library

It helps extract data from HTML and facilitates search engine populating, data mining and drawing competitive analysis. All the user needs to do is install the IronWebScaper, and follow the installation procedure provided. Address all the integration and licensing queries to the IronWebScaper product development team.

Features of IronWebScaper

  • Unlimited Web Scraping – ability to scrape millions of web pages. It can also identify browsing history and code concisely.
  • Easy usage – after feeding in the CSS (News - Alert) Selectors or XPath expressions, you can scrape any page of your choice on the internet.
  • Multiple identities – it can create numerous online identities for use based on your scraping needs.
  • Fast and safe system – it has systems that work faster and controls the intrusion into target servers.

How to Contact the Iron Software LLC

Address: 205 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 USA

Phone (News - Alert) number: +1 (312) 252-3088

Support Team: Click here

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