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September 17, 2020

5 Latest Grilling Technologies You Should Know About

Anyone who loves barbeques would agree that grilling is not just a skill, it is a science. From being the most important primitive discovery of the cave-man, grilling meat has advanced to highly efficient and effective technologies.

It is no surprise that innovations and revolutions are rolled out each year, making grilling a thoroughly satisfying escapade.

Do you love grilling as much as we do, yeah?! And are you interested in the newest trends in grilling technology? We've got you covered with these top five grilling features. Check them out!

1. One-touch cleaning system

Everyone loves a Barbeque feast. But once the party is over, the dirty job of cleaning the ash off the smoker is an absolute killjoy. Not really. Not if you own a grill with the latest charcoal smokers!

With this one-touch cleaning system, you can get the job done in a breeze. You just need to move the vent back and forth. The ash sweeps across the slots on the vent and collects in a bucket. You can just remove the bucket and empty the ash out in the trash.

2. Tru-infrared technology

Tru-infrared technology is the most innovative advancement in the world of grilling. Char Broil has launched this patented technology that has revved up the science of barbequing like never before!

Unlike conventional grills, the Char-Broil doesn't rely on a convection heating system. With the Tru-infrared grills, food is cooked using irradiative heat transfer technology. The grills have been specially designed to prevent the grease from reaching the burners.

So, what is the real take-away from all this, you'd say.

Well, the food gets cooked faster and uniformly. You get juicy meaty treats instead of dried and hardened steaks. And there is no chance of a flare-up!

3. Smart smoke technology

And now we present you a fascinating smoke control feature from Camp Chef. This feature lets the pellet grills' smoke setting to preset Hi and Lo settings. So now, the pellet grill temperature will automatically fluctuate between 10 - 15 degrees from the actual grilling temperature. And when the barbeque is done, you can enjoy a flavor-rich slow-smoked savory steak and not just a piece of meat drenched in wood-fired smokiness. Now that's what we call no-fuss carefree grilling!

But wait! Are you the barbeque lover who would rather handle the temperature and smokiness to perfection on your own? No worries. The Camp Chef also has precision temperature settings that also let you control the heating.

4. Sense-mate feature

Holy smokes! Barbeques have gone digital too! And don't you shove this one away thinking digital grills are for cheap thrills. Once you get your hands on the Green Mountain Grill's wi-fi enabled electric pellet grill, there will be no looking back. Literally!

The technology allows you to monitor the precise grill temperature remotely. The internal temperature can be read on an LCD screen or your mobile device. Besides you can also control the temperature setting from the screen.

We suggest you visit BBQguys if you want to buy such savvy digitally advanced grills.

5. Smart grill technology

REC TEC's PID temperature controller is another wave in the latest grilling technology for temperature automation. The smart system allows for 5-degree temperature intervals within a set temperature range.

If you are prone to opening the grill to check the cooking status, you could especially benefit from this intelligent technology. How? You see, when you open the grill and expose it to the cold temperature from the outside, the Smart Grill Technology immediately stokes the pellet to maintain the heat tight.

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