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September 15, 2020

The Best Pay n Play Casino Guide - A State by State Breakdown of the New Technology

Pay n Play casinos are set to change the industry like never before. These are the latest set up for a casino and they help to get players spinning their favourite games in less than 50 seconds. Let’s take a closer look at what Pay n Play casinos do, and where they are currently in operation.

How Does It Work?

At the moment, you have to sign up to each casino individually if you want to play there. This means that you have to fill in your details each time, and verify your identity each time. Pay n Play is a new system from the payment provider Trustly that looks to change this.

With Trustly, you just have to make this verification one time, and one time only. Their databases will carry all the verification needed to play at the casino. Players will literally just have to make a deposit, or pay, and then they can start to play some of their favourite games.

In Europe

Currently, we can only find Pay n Play casinos in a few select European countries. It is yet to roll out across most of Europe, but we can find the technology with some of the biggest markets in the industry. Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany, and the Netherlands have all signed up to allow casinos to use Pay n Play casinos.

What’s more, some of the biggest European regulatory bodies in the industry have also signed up to help verify the new technology. Big names like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission have given the green light for this style of technology. You can find a full list of the commissions that have given their backing here - to save you time on research. Though we have yet to see this technology emerge in countries like the UK, it is a great indicator that we might see something in the future.

In North America

Though many online casinos are still banned in the US, the tide is slowly turning. More and more states are slowly introducing a form of online casino to those living within their borders, and it might lead to the launch of Pay n Play casinos here too.

Another great market worth considering is Canada. Though the discussion of gambling in North America is more focused on the US, there is a great gambling culture in Canada too. The introduction of Pay n Play might be very natural here, and could help to boost the Canadian gambling economy in a similar way to what we are seeing in Europe.

The scope that this new technology could bring is absolutely massive. For players who don’t like to be tied to one casino, they will be able to play wherever they choose. What’s more, the backing of multiple big names in the industry means that this is a process that is going to be safe and well-regulated, no matter where it is launched.

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