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September 15, 2020

Welcome to the world of smart window furnishings

The world is going smart. You have no doubt heard of interconnected home electronics. Of fridges that keep track of your grocery list and robots that clean your house. Now, welcome smart curtains, blinds, and shades. These are motorized pieces that can either be remote controlled, voice-controlled, or app-controlled. They are the epitome of comfort, allowing you to control them without lifting a finger.

Here are two ways you can operate smart window furnishings.

1. Using Bluetooth

This is a form of wireless technology that you can use to communicate with and control some home devices. The one downside with Bluetooth devices is that it works over short distances and you may therefore not be able to operate it remotely if you are out of range. If you are controlling your windows using Bluetooth, it may come with a mobile application or a remote control that you can use.

2. Using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is another type of wireless technology but it is quite different from Bluetooth. It allows different devices to connect and interface with the internet. Devices connected to Wi-Fi can exchange information even over long distances to create a network. Many Wi-Fi devices which are Wi-Fi enabled can be operated through applications and sometimes even through voice commands

One of the main problems people encounter with smart devices is that their applications come with different control options which can make them tedious to operate. This is where smart home automation hubs come in. Using wireless communication protocols like Z-wave, you can enable different apps to be controlled on one hub. The apps must, of course be operable by the communication protocol of your choice.

Let us say that you have decided that you want to furnish your windows with smart window blinds. There are two ways to go about it.

3. You can motorize your existing blinds.

This may involve purchasing an automation kit that you use to make your existing pull cord blinds motorized blinds. Some will allow you to adjust the slants' tilting, while others will also raise and lower the blinds.

4. You can purchase pre-made motorized blinds.

If you want to change your blinds, for example, if you are moving to a new home, you can go for this option. These blinds may even have a specialized app or remote to control them

What are the advantages of smart window furnishing?

5. They are convenient

You no longer have to get up off your sofa or roll out of bed to open the curtains or blinds. If you are short, you no longer have to climb on top of surfaces to reach the frame. Just a touch of a button or maybe even your voice and the curtains will do the rest

6. They save on energy

True, you may need to charge the battery or need more bandwidth to control them. However, you will be able to save on utility costs like on your ventilation and cooling bills. They can be set to self-adjust when the temperature outside is affecting the inside temperature. This means you don't have to worry about the house becoming too cool or too warm because of the outside temperature. Generally, you may need to pair this system with your thermostat for this function.

If you have always admired the smart windows in hotel rooms, you can now bring that luxury to your home.

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