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September 15, 2020

IT recruitment during coronacrisis. What has changed?

Coronavirus pandemic outbreak has affected virtually any industry. For some, like food supply and grocery chains, this meant positive changes but for many others – serious troubles. Offline entertainment, hospitality, automobile, and aviation industries are among the biggest losers.

Job cuts are one thing, but we've also heard about some painful bankruptcy filings. Cirque du Soleil, Hertz, Aldo, or Neiman Marcus are on the list, and the worst is still to come. But some industries, like the IT one, seem to weather the coronavirus storm quite well. What has changed in the recruitment of IT people process throughout the horrifying spring of 2020? Can they still feel secure now? Let's check whether IT recruitment is still a win-win situation for both sides of the hiring equation.

IT recruitment – new tools and possibilities

As for IT recruitment, many HR specialists tried to continue ongoing projects in a different form. Some companies decided to perform all hiring stages online, from screening to onboarding. Remote recruiting, preferably via video chats and meetings, have become much more popular. Virtual career fairs have been organized, just like online job tryouts. E-onboarding and virtual "meet and greets" with newly hired people have become more common. Or couriers simply delivered welcome kits right to their doorsteps. And more recruiters took advantage of remote initial screening methods, e.g. using the phone, accompanied by video interviews.

To make all these possible, new tools, technologies and solutions have been adopted fast and on an unprecedented scale. These were, for instance, social communication tools, chatbot engagement, cloud solutions, and recruitment software. What also has been used within the recruitment, was automated scheduling, file sharing, online assessments, and data security solutions. Many of these solutions most probably will stay with us for good.

IT employees, candidates, and recruiters had to get used to the digital workplace despite distractors at the home office. But for IT people, that also meant a new territory to conquer as providers of remote job enhancing solutions. Switching to and doing everything online created a space for even more IT jobs. And the opportunity for IT people made redundant elsewhere, like out-of-work freelancers. IT people and companies on a proper level of professional development definitely could see the coronacrisis as a chance.

IT recruitment during the coronavirus: winners and losers

Online entertainment like gaming services, video meetings, VOD, and telemedicine platforms were all up within the months of lockdown. Another winner has been online supermarkets as well as food shops offering delivery to clients' doorsteps. All of which, of course, need strong support from the new technologies sector. In Poland alone, hundreds of new e-businesses have been founded during the first months of the pandemics. And since e-commerce and various online services are in full bloom, IT specialists behind it are still in demand.

As for IT recruitment in Poland what we've seen during the coronacrisis was the greater appreciation of experienced specialists. Sometimes, they can earn even more than before and feel quite confident in the job market. Contrary to juniors who have become less sought after, and the competition is getting tighter among them. But also among experienced seniors, who are expected to fulfill more requirements now and are offered fewer benefits. And the uncertainty about the future results in temporary or contract employment popularity. As far as Poland is concerned, Front-end Developers and Java Developers were still top IT specializations searched.

And system analysts, team leaders, or IT managers seem to have been affected the most badly. As well as fresh, newly established technology start-ups. We've seen those entities who hadn't started to earn yet closing down for good. Within some of the existing IT companies, there were even 30% cuts in current employees' salaries. As for IT job ads issuers, we could see a decline within such industries as consulting, banking, and finance.

Keeping in touch and taking chances

However, thousands of IT specialists with rare competencies are still lacking now. And, undoubtedly, they will be in great demand when the pandemic is over. For this reason alone, many recruiting companies decided not to lose touch with the top talent. As the competition over the best specialists will be tight again, sooner or later. It's best not to miss this moment, although the uncertainty of tomorrow makes many people halt their hiring activities. But top recruiters, like Sowelo agency, convince it's not the best strategy to adopt during the hard times. Staff shortages are something we don't want to experience when they're over, but we risk them behaving play-safe now.

It's good to simply keep in touch with candidates and perform various Employer Branding activities. Just make sure their experience with the company is good and beneficial, and they keep trusting you. And help candidates feel confident and secure. Communication should be first, next to pandemics safety precautions.

And remember that the isolation time and the crisis in general, made a lot of people re-think their careers. They might be looking for something more stable and profitable. Or maybe something remote, not to commute every day. And best with flexible working hours, to be able to keep the work-life balance. Very often, all these qualities go with IT jobs. Plus, for many recruiters now it is easier to approach candidates, stuck at home, and able to reply easily.

IT recruitment: adapt and react

In the turbulent times we live in, it is worth to choose a reliable, trustworthy recruitment partner. The one that was able to weather various market storms and operate efficiently in very demanding conditions. Such as Sowelo Consulting, a well-established company with 13 years of experience in the field of IT specialists' recruitment. They are up and running also during the coronavirus crisis, adapting their activities to the new circumstances.

What's in store, then, in terms of IT recruitment? One of the services very useful during transition times, is IT contracting. It is about delivering employees needed for the duration of a given project only. The bottom line is the company's expansion and growth – thanks to quick access to talented and experienced people. And all this at a reduced price and in limited time, when compared to "regular" recruitment of permanent staff.

Some of the recruitment areas Sowelo Consulting specializes in are Robotic Process Automation, Software, Internet, and Storage. Infrastructure, Networks, Security, and Mobile are other fields of expertise, just like IT Consulting Services. Sowelo's consultants find exquisite, highly-qualified professionals quickly, also thanks to established, valuable contacts, both in Poland and abroad.

Interim Recruitment is another crucial solution for difficult times. Sowelo offers access to top-notch specialists who, within a limited time, help clients out of trouble. A proven, experienced recruiter, researcher, or recruitment manager gives them advice on what's best in given business circumstances. It results in hiring a candidate perfectly matching their needs and expectations. And if your image has been at risk, you may benefit from cutting-edge Employer Branding services Sowelo also provides.

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