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September 10, 2020

5 Super Tips to Become a Successful Stock Trader

Trading becomes successful when you plan properly for timely execution. Any individual can get into trading as it provides consistency and stability. Also, it allows you to become independent business owners. You should know how you differ from a professional trader so that you know what trading can do. The three key mantras that you always should keep in your mind are entry & exit, avoiding loss in trading, and balancing your position sizing.

The 5 best tips that you should never avoid as a stock trader

#1: Trade plan

Trading is not an easy business, to begin with. It involves a lot of plans that should let you thoroughly understand the current market and invest in it according to You should surely analyze your risk vs profit ratio and the reward that you gain while you exit. Both stop loss and exit price are considered critical in trading. Therefore, determining your multiple price points with deep risk analysis makes you succeed in your decision of trading.

#2: Maintain your psychological balance

Being negatively impacted is one of the worst scenarios that you can find in the trading business. You should have a clear mind while making a trading plan; otherwise, you cannot concentrate on understanding your successful trades so far. You should believe in yourself that you can make it possible. Almost 80% of the trading crowd quits within two years in fear. So, it is up to you to hold on to the race.

#3: Sizing of position

Your number of buys/sells determines the position sizing in your trade business. It is influenced by three main factors such as risk, volatility, and the capital amount you are comfortable with. You should keep reviewing your position size regularly so that you can calculate the number of risks you may have to face and maintain balance, which is crucial again. 

#4: Stop loss adhered to rules

Stop-loss can be defined as a pre-estimated amount of risk that a trader agrees while making each trade. In turn, it manages the loss size the trader exposes in a trade. Stop-loss is a good practice; irrespective of you lose or win in the trade. You should always stay away from rules that limit stop loss.

#5: Avoid being emotional and greed

Many traders fail to maintain the success motto after they see a few wins in their trade. You cannot be overconfident and lose the momentum of success by not following your trade plan. The way success in trade thrills you, in a similar way you should be open-minded to accept the losses as well. So, in nutshell, be happy with cumulative profits you achieve and grow step-by-step.

If you want to be a successful stock trader, all you need is an effective trade plan that clicks the minute it is executed. Therefore, you need not spend time preparing charts that do not provide you any positive value towards risk management and buying/selling of trades.

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