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September 10, 2020

Adrian Marcataio Explains How Technology Has Impacted the Sport of Soccer

It’s fair to say that most competitive sports have benefitted from advances in technology. But none more so than soccer, which has embraced technology from the get-go. It wasn’t just to make the life of the referees a lot easier, but also to improve the whole experience for players, teams, and spectators as well.

Adrian Marcataio of Mexico City, Mexico, is an entrepreneur and executive with the experience and skills required for today’s energy industry at the corporate and project level (oil and gas and power industries) with over 23 years of seniority. As a soccer fan, he has always enjoyed the introduction of technology into the game whether to assist the referee to make the right decision or to make him feel like a part of the game even when he is sitting on his couch at home.

Better Equipment

One of the first elements of the game that took advantage of technology in a big way, according to Adrian Marcataio is the gear. Better-designed cleats that give the players more speed and make them nimble in their movements were a big game changer. The same goes for kits and pitches. They’re lighter and don’t encumber the player or hinder their movement.

Even balls have undergone a major overhaul. Unlike old soccer balls, the new ones are more aerodynamic and allow the player more control over the ball. Both the cleats and ball are designed to increase friction and prevent slipping. This explains how the ball seems glued to the foot of an exceptionally talented player weaving their way among the opponents.


If you have watched a soccer game before, you no doubt have enjoyed the replays. Whether you’re sitting at the stands or watching the game from the comfort of your home, replays have been one of the attractions of soccer. With so many cameras covering every inch of the field, every glint of talent or exceptionally well-crafted maneuver is recorded and played back for the benefit of the audience. This is a far cry from the olden days when the whole game was captured with one or two cameras at most.


According to Adrian Marcataio, the game of soccer is packed with talent. “It’s pure joy,” he says, “to watch the game from just about anywhere. Whether online, on your phone, or on-demand TV, watching the game has never been easier or more fun.”

Thanks to the internet and on-demand services, now you can watch the game on the go. Back in the day, you either attended the game in person, sat in front of the TV at home, or listened to live commentary on the radio. But these days you can stream the game on your phone and interact with the events in real time.

What will the future of technology hold for soccer and its fans? We can’t wait to see what changes technology will bring to the game in the future to make it fun to play and a delight watch.

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