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September 10, 2020

Track Your Favorite TV Shows with These Tips

If TV watching your way through the pandemic ranks high on your to do list, you aren’t alone. A recent Nielsen study revealed that time spent on devices saw an 81 percent uptick compared to last year. TV is obviously a great way to get through quarantine, but with so many options it’s easy to lose track of your favorite TV shows. Don’t skip past your faves again with these simple ways to track every episode.

Shared TV Watching Guides

Your TV show calendar is an indispensable tool when you don’t want to miss a moment. If you are looking for ways to watch live TV as a family, with less bickering over who gets the TV and when, you need a calendar. Use your smartphone’s built-in calendar to set reminders for yourself. Family calendar apps, like Cozi and FamCal, may not be crafted with TV in mind. But with whole household sharing the editable calendar, everyone can enter in their own times and programs. Episode, on the other hand, is made for TV scheduling, so use it to add or manage shows in no time at all. 

Or, make your own easy to edit calendar or spreadsheet to keep tabs on your favorite programs. Skip the pen and paper for this one. Fire up Google spreadsheets, Microsoft (News - Alert) Excel, or your favorite note-taking tool. Add in the times of day, the days of the week, and fill in the blanks with your must see TV. Give it a catchy title, share an editable version with your family, and let everyone claim their own time slot. 

TV Tracking Tools

TV tracking tools such as and help you keep track of your favorite shows, discover new ones, and discuss and share them with your friends. Apps such as Twee and iShows TV let you stay up to date on what you are watching, what you should be watching and when. 

Twee for Android (News - Alert) helps you plan your TV watching week. With this app, you can find shows, mark when you’ve watched them, and use the timeline to keep updated on what you need to view next. Choose between a dark or light theme, compose separate profiles for different family members, and use the backlog function to see what you missed all within the Twee app. 

Apple iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone (News - Alert) users can turn to iShows TV (powered by Trakt). Gestures let you fast mark a show as watched, archived, or as a favorite. Customize the layout to fit your preferences and swap out colors for a look all your own. Tap the Discover tab for new shows you should be watching. The calendar view makes it easy to see how you’ll spend your week.  

Watching TV during COVID-19

Use a calendar, an app, or a TV tracker, so you’ll never forget to view your favorite live program again. Consider how you and your family watch TV, and how you best communicate, so you can decide which TV episode tracker to turn to next. 


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