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September 08, 2020

5 Reasons To Get An International Marketing Diploma In 2024

Are you interested in psychology and interpersonal relationships? Are you attracted by new technologies? Do you have a craving for creativity? If you answered in the affirmative at least two questions, then you should definitely try yourself in marketing.

Below is a list of reasons why a marketing degree from an international university in 2024 will be your main asset.

1. Demanding profession

As long as there is an economy, the marketing profession will remain in demand, because marketing in any business is the fastest and most effective connection between product and consumer.

In the annual list of the most attractive professions in the UK Glassdoor, which consists of three parameters - demand in the market, the level of wages and satisfaction with work in this area - the marketing profession for several years now takes first place.

2. The opportunity to choose an industry you like

Marketing is essentially dozens of professions, organically combined in one, suitable for people with different psychotypes. If you are an extrovert and like to work with people, then a good choice for you will be work related to brand management and product management, PR and account management. Those who have a more analytical mindset will be suitable for data collection and research, consumer demand research, strategy development, all areas of digital marketing. Moreover, you can become a copywriter in the advertising department, invent bright slogans and write interesting texts about your brand.

Marketing can also be a continuation of your existing hobbies and abilities. If you are fascinated by computer games, you will find a job in the team of video games developers. Do you like active rest? Combine your hobby with the marketing profession and become an ideal candidate, for example, for a company producing bicycles, snowboards or a fitness club.

3. Develop universal skills that are important not only in the profession, but also in life.

Marketing continues to develop rapidly, thanks to new technologies and constantly changing consumer behavior. The profession of a marketer is a desire to be sensitive to changes in society, a belief in technological progress and the ability to adapt to new market standards.

In the arsenal of your skills will be the most important soft skills - a set of non-specialized pre-professional skills that are responsible for successful participation in the work process and high productivity:

  • Communication skills - the ability to speak convincingly, speak to an audience, make connections, convey information correctly and focus on the needs and insight of the client.

  • Organization and planning skills - goal setting, motivation, effective time management, leadership skills in team management.

  • Technology use skills - the ability to understand and properly apply new effective tools used in marketing.

Motivation skills and business approach - the ability to motivate yourself, inspire others, combine commercial and creative approach to planning and developing marketing strategies using all sources even in the study (like to achieve the goal.

4. Access to the global market of professional opportunities

The International Marketing Diploma implies training in English, which is the most important factor for further employment. Firstly, in large international companies English is a tool for corporate communication.

Mastering English helps to raise your professional level, keep abreast of the latest marketing technologies and methods, communicate with foreign colleagues, participate in international conferences, read topical articles and research in the field of marketing, listen to podcasts and much more.

5. Training the effective use of the right and left brain hemispheres

The future marketer learns to combine analytics and art, logic and imagination, facts and hypotheses - in other words, to use right and left brain hemisphere equally effectively. Left hemisphere includes systematization and analysis of audience needs, interpretation of figures and data. This is often called the "black and white" approach. If it was not for the right hemisphere, which is responsible for emotions, all marketing strategies would look like mathematical formulas. But an advertising campaign must necessarily touch the feelings, cause emotions, have a sufficient amount of colors and brightness, that is, a creative component. The basis of any noticeable and effective marketing strategy is precise calculation and great art. Such marketing is taught in the British Higher School of Design - the territory of creativity, free thought and bold experiment.

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