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September 03, 2020

Why a contemporary hearing aid is your ideal travel partner abroad

Modern hearing aids such as the Starkey Livio AI, Widex Evoke or Phonak are much more than a hearing aid with great sound quality. Because it is linked to your phone via Bluetooth, you can use all kinds of useful features, even on holiday. Maybe you're postponing a far away journey now, but prepare for the next trip by reading what you can leave at home next time and what you need to pack. How about a translation function, pedometer and streaming music through your hearing aid? So be sure to put this great hearing aid on your packing list when you travel (and delete the dictionaries, pedometer and headphones, hahaha).

Make calls to locals via the translation function *with the Internet

On a Spanish terrace, in a Turkish shop or at a Russian market: with the Starkey Livio AI you always have a personal interpreter with you. With the translation function you can understand conversations in 27 languages. Simply activate it in the Thrive app on your phone and select the desired language. Then hold your phone in the direction of the person you are talking to and the text will be translated. You read the translation on your phone and hear it in your ear. Your answer will also be translated and your conversation partner will be able to read it on your phone. Very nice!

Listening to music on the go

In the plane, the bus, the car or at the swimming pool; it is always nice to listen to your own music while travelling. With the Starkey Livio AI this is always possible, because it is paired to your phone via Bluetooth. You no longer have to carry separate ears on holiday because you can listen to your own Spotify (News - Alert) list or your favourite radio station via your hearing aid.

Pedometer on holiday

Many people like to go on holiday for beautiful walks and discover the surroundings. Then it's nice that with the Starkey Livio AI all your steps, activities and movement are tracked by the hour. You can set your own personal goals and look back and compare them with other days. Do you break your personal record during your holiday?

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