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September 01, 2020

Jeffrey English Hoboken Designer Shares The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Design Work

When you are in need of graphic design work, you might consider outsourcing your work to someone who can dedicate time to get the job done, handle a large volume of orders, and ensure that you get the results you need. There are pros and cons of outsourcing design work listed below, and you need to consider these facts carefully before you begin outsourcing. You might also become the designer who accepts the outsourced work. You simply need to know how to give clients exactly what they want.

Pro: The Work Gets Done Quickly

Jeffrey English Hoboken designer believes that outsourcing can help get work done much faster than normal. You do not need to focus on the work itself, and you do not need to spend time hiring a full-time designer that you will pay handsomely for the job. You can choose the right person for each project, and you do not need to keep them on the payroll beyond the work you have requested.

The designer you have chosen will move quickly because they have other clients to tend to, but they will do a good job because they want your business in the future.

Con: You Might Lose Some Credibility

Jeffrey English Hoboken designer wants companies to understand how outsourcing looks to the general public. When you outsource your design work, you might be looked down upon. You might lose credibility with certain clients. This is why you need to carefully review all the work that you have received. If you have issues with the work, you can send it back for revisions. If you do not check over the work you have received, you might annoy or even offend some of your clients.

Pro: Outsourcing Helps You Get A Different Point Of View

When you outsource your design work, you will get a different point of view from every designer that you work with. Some designers will give you a contemporary take on the designs that you need, but others might design your work in a “retro” style. You can see your work in a different light when you are working with talented people from around the world. Plus, you may not have enough money to hire a massive design team. Let your outsourced designers act as your design team.

Con: There Might Be A Culture Or Language Barrier

When you think of outsourcing your designs, there might be a culture or language barrier that is difficult to overcome. You should not use colloquialisms or slang to describe your designs if you are working with a designer from another country. You do not want to confuse them with axioms and sayings that they do not understand.

You may also find that certain people simply do not understand your instructions. There is a famous example of a well-known cartoon that was animated by a studio in another country. Because of a simple culture barrier, the animators colored the pizza gray. This was obviously incorrect. It helps to explain precisely what you want so that there is no confusion.

Pro: You Might Be The Outsourced Designer

You can grow your design business by taking outsourced projects. You can work on something that a client needs right away even though they do not work with you regularly. You could build your entire business around handling designs for different clients, and you might be paid a retainer by large companies that require your services on a regular basis.

Pro: You Can Easily Review Everything

When you have hired a designer on an outsourcing basis, they send everything directly to you. A company that is busy with many different tasks during the day can miss certain work that should be reviewed for accuracy and beauty. You will receive all the designs directly from the person that you hired, and you can quickly review those designs before they are passed on to someone else.

Con: You Need To Get To Know New Designers

You need to get to know new designers before you start outsourcing. You might want someone to send you a portfolio or text images that give you an idea of how they do their work. You might have a difficult time trusting a new designer the moment that you hire them, but your patience will be rewarded when they send back amazing work.

You can outsource some of your design work with confidence by using the tips above. You will save money, but you need to review all the designer’s work carefully. You must ensure that your instructions are free of colloquialisms and slang, do not take anything for granted, and give your new designers a chance to share their point of view.

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