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August 28, 2020

5 Industries Taking the Most Benefit Out of VR Technology

For decades now, virtual reality has promised to be a disruptive new technology in many markets. Time and time again, this prediction has failed to come true.

But today, with further supporting technologies like 5G, these VR advancements are becoming more common in several new sectors. We’ll take a look at the impact of virtual reality in industries ranging from real estate to tourism.

Real Estate

One of the best examples of how VR in industry is beginning to create disruptive change is real estate. COVID-19 is pushing more buyers to become comfortable viewing homes from their living rooms. VR allows for 3D tours to help prospective buyers decide whether they wish to view a property in person.

Companies like Matterport partner with real estate agents to help create virtual spaces for buyers and tenants alike. Some of their top partners include Re/Max, Colliers International and Keller Williams. All you need is a smartphone and internet access to create a 3D space of your home, with a free plan available for iPhone (News - Alert).


Still in its infancy, retail is an exciting space to find VR in industry. Virtual reality opens up many possibilities for both consumers and producers. Imagine trying on new clothes right from your own home. VR invites the potential of saving time driving to physical locations.

For retailers and designers, VR allows them to receive quick feedback from their potential customers. This change helps to reduce production and design costs by focusing only on items that customers are willing to buy.

Virtual Reality Casinos

This nascent technology is beginning to make an appearance in online casinos worldwide. Casino providers such as All Slots Casino Canada immerse you in the gaming experience offered by the leading casino gaming developers. Online casino gaming expert Daniel Bennett, always one to try the latest cutting edge technologies, loves the immersive experience of playing VR casino games.


The aerospace industry is a fast-growing segment of the Canadian economy. With more opportunities to travel to destinations around the world, more innovation is occurring in the many spheres of the aerospace industry.

Leading online publication Industry Today documents the changes that are occurring within this sector. You’ll soon see VR applied in engineer, pilot, maintenance, and personnel training. VR can also provide more entertainment on those long flights by adapting virtual reality in industries such as aerospace.


Have you ever taken a vacation to a destination that ended up being an awful experience? You can now use VR to check out your future accommodations and attractions before you book your flight.

COVID-19 is making travel around the world difficult. Several companies enable you to experience popular destinations from your couch. Though not as exciting as the in-person experience, virtual reality is a close second and a safe alternative to travelling during a pandemic.


After hearing of the promise of virtual reality in industries for many years, you may feel skeptical of this ‘new’ technology. With the technological advances that have occurred during the past couple of decades, it is time to cast off bygone aspersions and check out some of these exciting developments for yourself.

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