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August 26, 2020

Upgrading Your Office Lighting to the Newest LED Technology

There are many ways you may be interested in carrying out work in your offices. Redecorating can help to give it a new and fresher feel that increases productivity. However, to reap some great benefits, all you might have to do is switch the conventional lighting fixtures you have currently installed for modern LED technology.

What benefits? Let’s take a look at some of them in the following post.

Saves Money

Do you find that you are spending more than you would prefer on your office electricity bills? Is that largely down to the lighting and how long each business day it needs to stay on? If you switched your conventional lighting to LED lighting you could experience significant savings on your electricity bills almost immediately. Even as much as 40%. LED lights have longer lifespans and use less electricity to illuminate spaces, all of which make them incredibly cost-effective.

Enhances Your Company’s Corporate and Professional Image

Nowadays, thanks to the increased awareness the general public has and the fact it has become such a hot topic of discussion, climate change, and environmental issues are important to many people.

When it comes to your office lighting, by switching it out to LED options, you could experience two great benefits related to green issues. For one thing, you will be doing your bit for the environment as LED lights are considered green technology and you will reduce the carbon emissions your company is responsible for generating. Furthermore, you will have a better reputation and image among your clients and customers, existing and potential, as a company that cares about the world.

Improve the Productivity of Your Workplace

Interestingly, in line with what we noted at the outset about how redecorating your office can help to improve the productivity of your workforce, the same can be said for changing your lighting fixtures to LED options. Traditional fluorescent bulbs tend to fade over time and eventually burn out which can leave you with uneven and unpleasantly dull lighting in your office until you get them replaced. With LEDs, however, thanks to their longer life, this is not a problem.

When you consider that LEDs actually produce brighter illumination and have a warmer color temperature and overall feel, your employees will feel more motivated to work and will perform better.

A multitude of Different Options

In the past, it’s true, the choices that were open to you if you wanted to switch your office lighting to LEDs, were limited. That’s different these days as there is an astonishing range of different LED lighting options available from companies like Total Lighting LLC . In many situations, particularly where your budget is very restricted, you can simply change the fluorescent bulbs you currently have with smart and efficient LEDs, rather than having to completely change the fixtures, as they will work with the existing ballasts and connectors.

However, even if you do need to upgrade the fixture, this can often be achieved with retrofit kits that make it easier than a complete renovation.

Bette Lighting for Longer

It’s already been touched upon, but the lifespan and quality of LEDs are worth highlighting again. Many LEDs have a lifespan of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. Given that the lighting they produce is of a higher quality than many fluorescent options, that means you can have better quality lighting for much longer before you need to replace them.

Further to the savings, you can make in this way, many LEDs come with robust and cost-effective 5 or even 10-year guarantees, that can save you more money. If one of your bulbs in your lighting goes out during that period, you can have it replaced for no additional charge.

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