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August 26, 2020

Why OCR Technology Is Making Life Easier For Receipt Capture and More

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, as the name suggests, helps in recognizing characters and texts. Interestingly, not many of us realize that we frequently come across OCR tools in our everyday lives. This is because this technology comes integrated with tools or applications, for which we do not get to identify it.

In this article, we shall find out how OCR technology is used in our daily lives. But before that, let us know a little bit about the workings of OCR tools.

How does the OCR tool work?

OCR tools scan documents and images to convert them into recognized and searchable data that can be read by the machines. For example, OCR for receipts can effectively be used in the office filing system. When the computer sees the original documents, it appears like a series of black and white lines. But the OCR machine can decode the lines and identify them as text.

How do we use OCR tools in our daily lives?

  • Copying and Pasting documents

It is the most common use of OCR tools, where it helps in converting the scanned files so that you can easily copy the content to the clipboard. Without this tool, there would have been no encoded digital backup, and if there were, you would have to type down on content manually each time.

  • Scanning the voucher codes

Giving out coupons, stamp cards, or printed forms for promotions are the things of the past. Businesses these days have digitized their marketing strategies by sending automated mobile-ready codes that can be readily scanned. Companies adapt to these technologies as they are comfortable, practical, and a cost-effective way to campaign.

  • Office Filing System

Digitized filings are convenient and easy to maintain compared to paper documents. The OCR tools help in scanning and converting the digitized files to readable content. Using a keyword or phrase, you can easily find any office file by the click of a button. The tool has reduced the hassles involved with information retrieval.

  • Automated data extraction

With OCR tools, the errors of manually typing data can also be eliminated. Big companies use OCR tools for data entry, as well as automatic sorting.

Where are OCR tools used?

As mentioned earlier, OCR tools are used in various ways in our day to day life. You can find OCR tools in malls, stores, movie theatres, etc. With OCR machines, one can quickly get information about a product by using their mobiles and the OCR kiosk. The OCR tools can also convert manual writing, scriptures, old books, etc. Museums now use OCR technology for preserving written materials. The text-to-speech programs where texts conversion to audio formats executed for the convenience of blind people also rely on OCR technology.

OCR technology has proved to be helpful for us in many ways. You can get many online applications online that can help you convert your documents to machine-readable files that you can effortlessly search on your computer. These apps are quite easy to use, as well.

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