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August 21, 2020

Things to Do at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Except for a few countries, almost the entire world is experiencing hard times because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The resulting self-isolation, quarantine, and lockdown has forced people all around the world to change their lifestyles. This has left many to wonder about life after COVID-19 and whether we can live a normal healthy life again.

To be honest, the answers to these questions depend on your lifestyle and your location. But these days, the main question we should ask ourselves is “what are the things that we need to keep our lives going through this difficult time?”

People have adjusted the lives by spending time with their families and helping their children with their studies. So, for many people, it is family that we need the most during this coronavirus pandemic to keep our lives going. However, for many people, family  may not be everything. Here are a few things to keep you secure during this crisis.

Reading, Cooking, Baking and Gardening

Facebook (News - Alert) stories and Instagram reels have proved that many people all over the world have moved towards gardening, cooking and reading, 45%, 42%, 44% respectively. As per consumer research company, Kantar’s, analysis, consumers are far more inclined to take up home baking than they were prior to lockdown. According to Kantar, grocers in Britain have noticed a 92% increase in the demand for flour in March 2020, a figure synonymous to 2.1 million people buying flour in March as compared to the same period of the previous year.

Learning New Things and DIY

These days, all of us have a lot of extra time on our hands. And more than 30% of people are utilising this time to do DIY things, while more than 14% of them are trying to learn something exciting such as new words or languages.

Turn off the Stream and Social Media

Do you get depressed quickly or annoyed by using social media or any streaming service? Do you get jaded by a piece of fake news, that came from a less-than-reliable source. If your answer is “yes”, then it may be a good idea to cut down on your time using these services. Avoiding their use can help you lower your risk of developing depression and negativity. To accomplish this, you need to put some distance between yourself and your gadgets.

According to psychiatrists, younger people are more prone to feelings of loneliness during the lockdown period. It is also possible that they can go into permanent depression after reading fake news articles which abound on social media platforms. These messages can make anyone feel ill at ease since many times this news can overwhelm in large doses.

Therefore, whenever such situations arise, always try to remain in touch with friends or family members. And most importantly, don’t lock yourself indoors the entire time. Go on outings, make new friends and play some crypto casino game, also remember the most important thing is that it’s OK not to feel OK about any situation you can’t control.

Support a Local Business

Since pandemic and lockdown have become the new normal, many small businesses have experienced great losses. Across the world, many cafes and restaurants are finding it difficult to keep their businesses alive. During this tough time, you can show support by donating to them directly on their business’s website.

In restaurants and cafes, many people try to avoid cash transactions and congregating in places with lots of other people and diners. As a result, those businesses are facing difficulties to keep their businesses working. To cope with this situation, many apps and outlets have also started to sell gift cards, which you can purchase today and use them later when this tough situation gets better.

If somehow, your favourite restaurant or cafe doesn’t have a website and neither are they listed on any other platform from which you can place an order, you can also help out by placing an order once in a while. Either way, it will be a win-win situation for both.

Provide Help to Those Who are in Need

If your immune system is strong enough to fight against the COVID-19 virus, then understand that you are incredibly fortunate people on earth to have an immune system that isn’t compromised. With this superpower, you can provide help to those needy people for whom stepping out of their house to get some necessary items like groceries could be tragic.

However, when you go out to help them, you should also take care of yourself while also keeping those you’re helping safe. When you provide the items as per their needs, take precautions by always maintaining a distance of at least six feet and wearing a face mask, etc.

Performing acts of kindness such as these will not only help the people you help to feel better, but they will also realise that they haven’t been left alone to survive during this battle.

Focus on Positive Thoughts

At present, it is next to impossible to make any prediction about how the future will look alike. So, don’t engage your mind in negative thoughts; What will happen next? How will we survive? When will this all end?

Don’t occupy your mind with these types of reasonings, because by doing so, you will serve only to increase your depression level. Therefore, instead of searching for answers to these mind-stressing questions, set your focus on positive things.

Take Italy as an example. Remember the days when Italians were going through the worst days of their life because of Coronavirus? On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (News - Alert), and on many other platforms, we saw many Italians singing from their balconies or windows to boost each other’s morale. So, we should always think positive even during the worst times of our lives. We must try to find a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

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