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August 18, 2020

The Biggest Players in Master Data Management

2020 has proven to be a difficult year for the majority of businesses that are struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and the closing of their physical locations. One of the benefits of the switch to Master Data Management has been the ability of the major companies involved in MDM, including Gartner (News - Alert) Master Data Management to provide businesses with the ability to interact with remot4e working employees. The pandemic and associated lockdowns have proven the major players in the MDM sector are providing a vital service. Among the top companies in Master Data Management are Dell, Oracle, Reltio, and IBM (News - Alert), according to Ground Alerts.

1. Dell (News - Alert) Boomi

Dell has been moving forward with its Boomi platform for many years and recently saw the shift to a Cloud-based platform moving forward for all subscribers. The decision to move to the Cloud has allowed Dell to create a system that allows you to communicate with clients internally and externally from a secure area of the internet. Over the course of the last few years, the Dell Boomi platform has become one of the best-known in the world with its real-time capabilities updating information and data throughout the working day. Boomi has developed a system that allows artificial intelligence to play a role in the delivery of Master Data Management software.

2. IBM

IBM has developed a range of options for businesses of all sizes to adopt Master Data Management platforms regardless of their size or revenue stream. The options from IBM are often sold under its generic brand, Infosphere, that allows options to be targeted directly to micro, small, medium, and large businesses. The IBM brand has always been at the heart of the latest developments in the business sector and continues to be so in the area of Master Data Management. The use of IBM branded technology has allowed the company to focus the majority of its power on the hybrid business sector using a mix of traditional and Cloud-based platforms.

3. Reltio Cloud

The development of artificial intelligence that has been in place with IBM is continuing with Reltio and its Cloud platform. Reltrio has been working towards making a change in the way machines learn and taking the learning process back to their clients for a better way of doing business in the future. There is a shift coming in the way MDM applications are working with the introduction of workflow management applications that are designed to move the process of shifting your business to the Cloud a little easier to complete.

4. Oracle (News - Alert)

Is there a better-known name in the data solutions and input sector for business than Oracle. The issue regarding Oracle has been its ability to move with the times and adopt the Cloud and Master Data Management as a major part of its expanding platform. One of the most impressive developments from the Oracle platform has been the decision to move forward with the switch to the Cloud which has been identified by Oracle as the most important step in providing the security factors that are needed for every business to feel confident in their MDM choice. The data-driven workflow has been pushed to the top of the needs of business leaders as the Covid-19 and post-COVID-19 era will see a shift in the way employees work.

5. SAP (News - Alert)

Along with Oracle, SAP has become a name to be trusted in the business sector because of its ability to bring the latest technology to MDM smoothly and efficiently. SAP has been one of the first to make the switch to become a fully-CLOUD-integrated platform. Along with the already created platforms that are available from SAP for each business joining their ranks but the ability to work with companies to develop individual platforms to meet their needs and develop specific platforms to suit each business requirement.

6. Informatica

The business world has never moved faster than it needs to in the 21st-century with the global nature of business changing the way we all do business. You may look at your Master Data Management platform and believe it does not move fast enough to keep up with the world we live in. Another option to enjoy is that of Informatica, the platform that is known for the speed that can be obtained from using this platform. Your business outcomes are to be tailored to when you decide to build in the work already created by Informatica.

The sector for Master Data Management is a tough one as the level of companies looking to make an impact in this area and to use these services have both been growing. Throughout 2020, the biggest players in MDM have been asked by the European Union to lower picture qualities because the risk of outages is high with the improvement in services, according to Global Newswire. Along with Gartner Master Data Management, the established members of the data management industry are continuing to expand their services and work towards building more services through the Cloud.

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