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August 13, 2020

New Technologies Having a Positive Effect on Online Gaming

Online gaming is one of the biggest trends in the gambling industry. The advent of internet technology had a revolutionizing impact on gaming. Online casinos have emerged as an offshoot of the incredible innovations in the gaming industry.

Most gamblers today access their favorite casino games online on desktops and even on mobiles. However, the online casino landscape continues evolving in the backdrop of new technologies. Take a look at this online casino, for example, there are so many games, including the latest tech features.

Leading software developers in the gambling industries continue innovating to deliver the best experience for players. These changes make online casinos among the fastest growing online services. Here are some of these incredible technologies fuelling the growth of online casinos.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are among the most influential technological innovations today. Their impact in the gaming industry is phenomenal as they allow players to enjoy a more immersive and realistic gaming experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) allows players to completely shut out the rest of the world and immerse themselves in VR games. The availability of VR technology, such as Oculus Rift or Google (News - Alert) Cardboard makes it possible for players to shift to real-world or imagined casino situations.

With Augmented Reality (AR), casino players can enjoy a more interactive experience in a real-world environment with added layers of digital information. Virtual reality rooms are now available in some online casinos. AR technology promises to take virtual gambling to the next level by making a more realistic casino environment.

Cryptocurrency Gambling

One of the greatest concerns for people playing casino games online is the efficiency, safety and privacy of payment transactions. The available options are cumbersome and require long winding verification steps.

Cryptocurrency online casinos have changed all this by allowing players to leverage the benefits of this new age currency. Cryptocurrencies are cheaper, faster, secure and they allow players to remain anonymous. All crypto transactions are encrypted, removing the need to share personal details. This is a revolutionary change in online gaming.

Gaming on Wearable Devices

A decade ago, wearable devices only existed in sci-fi novels and movies. Today, this is one of the biggest technology trends and it has arrived in gaming. By 2022, analysts predict there will be over 1.1 billion connected wearable devices worldwide. This is one of the fastest-growing segments of consumer electronics.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers allow access to the internet on the go.  This makes these devices perfect for playing casino games. Casino software developers have now made games accessible on all internet devices, including smartwatches.

This is the next level of gaming after mobile casinos. It makes it easier for players to have fun at any time and from any location. As the capacity of wearable devices improves, more casino games will become available.

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology

As more gambling operators go online, there’s a need for innovative features to boost users’ experience, protect the companies and players. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a popular technology in the online casino industry.

AI technology helps to leverage data collected from players to deliver more personalised experiences.  Casinos can recommend new products based on customer insight which enhances the user experience. Gambling operators’ can also use this data to identify problem gamblers and help them early enough.

Use of AI also boosts customer service through the use of chatbots and other solutions. Online players can now access help 24/7 through such automated systems. Many casinos also use this technology to prevent cheating by detecting any unusual activities.

Big Data/Analytics

Big data is no longer a buzz phrase but a concept many businesses now apply to boost growth. The online casino industry generates large volumes of data. Analyzing such data provides invaluable information to the operators to help them improve their products, services, and other aspects of their online gaming platforms.

Online casinos leverage big data for basic customer segmentation, player retention and other purposes. All these applications lead to improved services for the casino players.  Casino data also boosts security by sealing any loopholes detected over time. From tailored player offers to new types of bonuses, casinos now use data for a wide range of applications.

Is Technology the Future of Online Gaming?

Online gaming continues to thrive, owing to the cutting-edge technologies used in the industry. Casino software developers and operators are in a race to identify and embrace innovations that can boost growth. These technologies help in many ways from increasing security, better customer service, to creating personalized offers.  They herald the new age of online gaming.

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