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August 11, 2020

4 Best Examples of AI Application in Real World in 2020

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm as we have seen the technology to grow over the years and crawl into various fields, affecting our day-to-day life. AI is ever-growing, and the technology has helped us in so many ways that we felt it is absolutely necessary to highlight a few essential uses of it below.

1. Healthcare:

During the COVID-19 global crisis, AI has been extensively used to keep a tab on the virus spread. In fact, it has come in help to reduce the world of medical and clinical professionals. Also, as per research, with the help of deep learning, it is possible to now differentiate a community that acquired other lung diseases rather than the COVID-19. These small predictions can help in the long run to provide better medical treatments to the ones that really need the attention.

2. Chatbots:

When you click on the tab to speak to the customer care in e-commerce sites like Amazon, you will notice that a bot asks you general questions to help you direct towards the right channel. This is done with the help of AI, which benefits both the company as well as customers. Directly getting in touch with an agent may need you to explain to them what your concern is really about. The bot, on the other hand, asks you a series of questions and provides you different choices of answers to select from, this way you do not waste your valuable time explaining to the agent your concern from the scratch and the company also need not answer general questions which is answered by the bot hence saving manpower.

3. Trading:

Investing in trading seemed to be too complex several years ago, as you would have to research the entire market data to make informed decisions of investment. You would not have the time and capability to go through a huge amount of data, hence it would have been a big risk to take if you made investments. Thanks to automated trading software, you can get rid of any research work as the software has the capability to analyze entire market trends by processing data over several years, hence producing extremely accurate prediction which has a high chance of producing great returns. 

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4. Banking and Finance

With the increased number of internet banking users, online money laundering and frauds have also increased. Artificial Intelligence can help in predicting usual customer behavior and notify the bank and customer if there is any behavioral change in terms of the transaction made. This early notification can help banks avoid any case of fraudulent transactions.

AI technology is growing further and further and without a doubt we can predict that it is going to be a much more integral part of our day-to-day life in the near future, enriching our lives.

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