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August 11, 2020

How Technology is Changing the Sporting Industry

The use of technology in the sporting industry has always been met with some criticism. Some sports enthusiasts prefer the idea of decisions being backed up with tech, to ensure the right decisions are being made, while others believe it spoils the game. Technology is there to ensure fairness in games, and to give players the reassurance that decisions are not biased. It prevents there being any arguments about whether a decision was fair or not, as it has been backed up with evidence.

These are some of the different types of technology which are shaking up the sporting world.

Video Replay Technology

VAR (Video Assisted Referees) is used in countries throughout the soccer world in various countries, to assist referees in making crucial decisions which can make or break a game. For example, it will determine whether a penalty is legitimate, or a player should get a booking for a tackle. Although it improves fairness, many don’t like it, as it stops the flow of the game. It can often take a few minutes to analyse the footage, and many fans and players don’t like this aspect of it. It is quite prominent in European football now, but whether it will continue to grow in usage over the next few years or end up being obliterated altogether, remains to be seen.

Hawk-Eye Technology

This technology is most used in cricket and tennis, especially for major competitions like the US Open and it may make a presence in other sports too. It is primarily used to trace the trajectory of the ball and is used both for player safety and to ensure decisions are correct. The soccer industry is considering the use of hawk-eye technology for goal line purposes, and to determine whether a ball crosses the line. It is hoped that this will ensure greater accuracy with decisions.

Decision Review System

There is all sorts of speculation with the cricket industry about possible types of technology to be incorporated into the game, including aluminium cricket bats, but there is a lot of caution around the addition of tech in cricket. As with the soccer industry, there is a reluctance to make changes which may affect the game and make it less enjoyable for players, and the fans. One technology which has been introduced into some international games is the umpire referral system. This is where a third umpire reaches a final conclusion on a decision using video footage of the game, but this has also been met with criticism. Whether we see this type of technology, or any others in the Caribbean Premier League remains to be seen.

Technology is set to influence the sporting industry over the years, and we are likely to see it becoming a more prominent feature. It will probably always be met with some criticism. Some will love it, while others feel it ruins the love of the game.

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