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August 07, 2020

Types of Promotions to Take Advantage of in 2020

The internet has been a powerful force in shaping how businesses market their products and services to consumers. In the digital shopping age, convenience is king. People order products that they need online and get them delivered directly to their doors.

If you have ever purchased something online, from food to clothing to electronics, you've probably noticed online promotions on a company's website or through an app.

These small, online promotions may be a simple deal that the company is offering, a unique coupon code that they send you, or something else. But online promotions, as you already know, help the average consumer save money.

Today, we will explore the basics of online promotions and a few tips that will help you boost your savings.

What Are the Different Types of Promotions?

There are several types of online promotions. To understand how best they work, you should familiarize yourself with the different varieties. They include:

  • Percentage off: This is a common deal offered by businesses. Whatever your total purchase is, they offer to lower your total by a certain percentage. For example, if you were using a 20% off coupon on a purchase that is $50, your total would be reduced by $10.
  • Dollar amount off: This is similar to a percentage off, but the money you save is fixed and does not change based on how much you spend. These are great if you have smaller purchases. For larger purchases, the percentage deals help you save more money.
  • Bonuses: Bonus deals are those that offer you an additional item with your purchase. For some, you may have to meet certain requirements. The most common one out there is probably the "BOGO" or "Buy One Get One" and other variations such as "Buy Two Get One".
  • Free or reduced shipping: This is another common deal. Shipping is expensive for both businesses and consumers, so this deal works well for both parties. A company may offer free shipping on all items as a limited time offer to boost their sales. They also may offer free shipping for all purchases that are above a certain threshold. This incentivizes people to buy a few more items if it gets them free shipping.

Approaching Promotions as a Consumer

As a consumer, there are different ways to approach promotions. They can be a great way to save money on products that you use regularly. You can also use them to try out new products without taking a large financial risk.

This is especially true for the food and beverage industry. If you order food online and want to try out a new restaurant in your area, there are always deals circulating. It is an industry that is constantly bringing in new customers. You may find a promotion offered directly by the restaurant. Or, you may find something through a third-party delivery system, like Uber Eats promo codes for existing users.

How to Be Strategic About Using Promotions

  • Get a few useful apps: Apps are a great way to manage your promotions and find new ones. Some apps find and filter them based on your interests, location, and more.
  • Pay attention to expiration dates: Although online promotions are less likely to have expiration dates, this may be something you encounter. It never hurts to keep an eye out for the details.
  • Get on an email list: If you want to receive promotions from your favorite brands, subscribe to their emails. You'll get newsletters, deals, and other useful resources.


Coupons and promotions have been a part of the online marketplace for some time now and they aren't going anywhere. So get in the habit of finding promotion sites that are reliable and refreshing those pages every morning! You'll often find deals you can't get anywhere else.

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