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August 05, 2020

How to Build Customer Trust During the Pandemic

Building trust is crucial to establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with your client base and consumers in your market. A small business that succeeds in making a truthful, genuine connection with its customers can enjoy an enhanced reputation, create brand loyalty, and increase sales.

It can be challenging to build trust, especially during an uncertain time, such as the one we’re enduring now due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The ongoing world health crisis causes some people to experience fear and anxiety. When information is rapidly changing, and sources of information are being questioned or criticized, consumers and the general public may be feeling unsure.

Being transparent with your customers and putting them first are practical ways to build customer trust during the pandemic and in the future.

Increase Your Transparency

Being transparent in your business and the information you share with customers is crucial for building trust; helping your customers understand the information you give them is critical. Transparency allows you to improve the way you serve current customers and how you attract new ones.

You can succeed by being open about your goods and services and the prices you charge. Listing your prices and fees and giving a brief description of your company’s services on a functional business website for consumers and patrons gives them an idea of what they can realistically expect from you.

Utilizing the right technology—like that from Peerly—makes it easy for you to quickly reach out to customers and give them the information you think they should have. Peerly technology allows business owners to contact large groups of people at once and initiate conversations among an unlimited number of people. Using Peerly, you can engage your audience with outbound text messages, collect data with its question and survey builder, and run unlimited campaigns.

Enhance the Way You Share Information with Customers 

While some businesses have opened back up following temporary closures and hiatuses due to state lockdowns across the nation, others remain closed. Depending on your industry, your company may be unable to execute face-to-face communication with customers because of calls for social distancing by maintaining a minimum of six feet between yourself and another person.

Utilizing the right technology can help you reach out to customers quickly and give them the information you need.

For this reason, your business may have to rely on making outbound calls to customers and accepting inbound calls from them. People may call your company with questions regarding the goods and services you offer, a product they’ve purchased, if the pandemic will affect the delivery of items, or if your business’s opening and closing times fluctuate because of the pandemic.

Businesses can incorporate the best answering services to connect and communicate with customers by utilizing the innovative omnichannel software created by Bright Pattern. Bright Pattern’s one-of-a-kind inbound call center solutions enable business owners to communicate and connect with their customers through phone calls, email, SMS, live chat, and more. This robust technology optimizes the way business owners meet consumers’ needs, reach out to buyers, and deliver customer service. 

Callers speaking to customer support service team members can stay in contact with the right agent when the conversation begins, rather than being transferred from agent to agent across different departments. Bright Pattern enables callers and agents to remain connected while seamlessly switching communication channels.

Empowering your company call center with Bright Pattern technology makes it strong enough to withstand a large call volume of multiple callers and efficient enough to avoid a queue of callers waiting long times to speak to company representatives. This omnichannel communication platform—the first of its kind—surpasses the multichannel platforms competitors use, as it offers more efficiency and practicality.

Using robust technology to reach out to customers is vital to a business, as always being available to customers and putting forth the effort to enhance communication can demonstrate to them that they can rely on your business and superior customer service during this pandemic and have an excellent customer experience.

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